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Must Be Nice to Live in a Dream World

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, August 12

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While some of the P5 conferences are on fire, several others continue to operate in a dream state

In this scenario, I encourage you to visualize the ‘THIS IS FINE’ gif, with the mighty SEC, ACC and Big XII all starring as the dog calmly stating it’s all okay while the other conferences just burn around them yelling into the void.

“It’s not safe!,” they yell.

“The country does not have a handle on this virus!” they shout.

“Our decision was guided by science and a deep commitment to the health and welfare of student-athletes,” they lament.

“They’re not professional athletes and we can’t expect them to risk their health!,” they exclaim.

Meanwhile, in the SEC (and ACC and Big XII)....

If that’s not your thing, Myron Medcalf of ESPN envisions it more this way.... also accurate.

Regardless, this is not fine, y’all. This is anything BUT fine.

You know why it’s not fine from a Mizzou standpoint? Because all the “regular kids” come back to campus tomorrow. Welcome back, all!

Raise your hand if you have faith in the rest of Mizzou’s population outside of the athletic department to help keep this virus at bay.... I’ll wait.

Listen... I believe that Mizzou’s athletic department is doing everything it can to create the safest environment within its facilities, and the University has the best of intentions. But are these student-athletes never going to set foot outside of the stadium? The MATC? Hearnes? Mizzou Arena? They aren’t going to head out to My House, cuz, guess what?! It’s open, virus be damned. They aren’t going to any house parties? Because we all know what happens as soon as they get around a bunch of un-masked, non-socially distant college students. Game over. Literally.

For the record, I get continuing to practice and prepare that until they’re told otherwise. You have to do this, so I do not blame Coach Drink and others for continuing on. You’ve got to get ready in case... this actually goes off as planned and we start the season in late September? (Editor’s note: I’m shaking my head in disbelief and making weird faces as I type this because I just can’t see it)

I repeat...

Me reacting to the news while eating my lunch today

Also, before we move on, PLEASE read this from Gabe DeArmond over at PowerMizzou. It contains some explicit language, but man.... it’s SO GOOD.

On to the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

  • COMING UP AT ROCK M: Nate’s got a 20 for 20 post coming later this morning.
  • EDITOR’S UPDATE: Until we have more information on what is happening this season, we are holding on to the fantastical football pieces by our most excellent team of writers.

More Links:

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Other Mizzou Sports Odds & Ends

  • Back at it for Head Coach Joshua Taylor’s volleyball squad!
  • Mizzou has extended an offer to Miles Kelly, a 6’5 Georgia guard in the 2021 class.

Mizzou/Area Athletes in the Pros News

Interesting/Non-Mizzou News

These are some of the best sports stories & tidbits I recommend— Enjoy!

  • Mizzou Football player Martez Manuel has something important to say:
  • Along the same lines at Martez, check out DWade’s shirt. This is awesome.
  • This is hilarious. I have been a big Cutch fan for a while.
  • And I’ll leave you with this heart-melting video. Love this, Phoenix. LOVE THIS. Also, Devin Booker, keep up the ass—kicking.
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