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Football team focused on what they can control in the chaos

Mizzou News for Friday, August 14

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With Mizzou camp officially set to start in a few days, the players have spoken up about what they can do within the team confines to make sure they play football, and I’m happy to hear it. As we are all well aware, one of the biggest roadblocks to playing football is not an athletics problem, per se. It’s the, “there’s a boatload of other students on campus now who may not be concerned with my safety” problem. So how is the team going to combat the evil “regulars” (kidding) and maintain focus on their goals so they can still play?

Well, Eric Blum of the Columbia Tribune wrote about a recent Zoom call with several of the players, and it was full of good stuff that I sincerely hope they keep up on.

Mizzou linebacker Jamal Brooks said the accountability of being safe and smart is an important one. The team must weigh what is most important to them in college. Is it partying? Going to Silverball and 10 Below? He said:

We have to put things that are going to harm the team away. And that’s just been a constant conversation daily to remind each other to wear your mask and do the little things because in the long run, the little things are going to add up.”

And from former walk-on Barret Bannister:

You’ve just got to weigh what means more to you. I mean, if guys on the team think that going out to parties and going to bars is more important than the season, then there’ll probably be a spike in cases. But if we all do what we’re supposed to do, and do our job, then I think we can keep it, how it’s been, keep this virus under control.”

As I have previously mentioned, I have my doubts as to this working out (AS MUCH AS I WANT IT TO), so I really do hope that they will abstain from going to the bars, to house parties, etc. and keep the focus on football. It sure sounds like they want to. We were reminded earlier this week that the team’s positive test rate is only 3%, and while the team has been back together for voluntary workouts since early June, there have been no positive tests.

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