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Mizzou’s schedule represents a baptism by fire for Eli Drinkwitz

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, August 18

The schedule is here! Yikes!

Missouri fans, you finally have a schedule to analyze. And analyze away, because hoooooo boy, is it a doozy.

That sure is a baptism by fire in the SEC for Eli Drinkwitz. Of the first seven games, the Tigers have perhaps the most dominant program in the country, an old powerhouse seemingly on the rise, the reigning National Champions, Vanderbilt, the always-good-sometimes-great Florida, a team they haven’t beaten in what seems like forever and the perennial SEC East favorites. Overall, the Tigers probably drew three of the toughest match ups from the SEC West, two of them coming right away.

And really that’s the main point of record — that opening three-game stretch, including an opening week match up with Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide. College Football News had some immediate thoughts about Missouri’s date with the Tide in Week 1:

Will the Tiger offense go anywhere? The running game should be fine overall, but this feels like an early statement moment for a Tide D that wasn’t exactly its normal self last year.

This is especially of concern considering the Tigers currently don’t have a QB they trust enough to announce as the starter. At least it’s at home, though! Plenty of opportunity to get that opening day crowd going wi — wait, what’s that? There probably won’t be an opening day crowd? Ah, well! Nevertheless.

Sound off below with your thoughts on the schedule. Personally, I’m thinking 4-6 seems like a pretty good season with this schedule, with 6-4 being the ceiling.

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