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The SEC forms a new committee, and I just wanna be a part of it

Mizzou News for Friday, August 21

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New SEC council promotes racial equity and social justice

The SEC announced the formation of a new committee on Thursday, a league-wide body that will “identify resources, outline strategies and assist with implementation of efforts that, when taken together, will promote racial equity and social justice, while also fostering diversity, helping overcome racism and pursuing non-discrimination in intercollegiate athletics.”


The committee, called the SEC Council on Racial Equity & Social Justice, features several prominent Mizzou coaches and athletes, including HC Cuonzo Martin, Mitchell Smith, Larry Three-Sticks, and Hayley Frank, as well as Sarah Thompson and Danny Kovac (swimming). Kamrhan Farwell, the Vice Chancellor for Communications & Marketing, is also on the committee. Among other council members? Vandy football coach Derek Mason, South Carolina WBB coach Dawn Staley and Vandy baseball coach Tim Corbin.

I’m honestly not surprised Hayley Frank was named part of this committee after this tweet in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. As soon as she was announced, I went right back and re-read it. I recommend reading it again; it’s so powerful.

And given what they’ll be addressing and working towards, OF COURSE Cuonzo Martin is involved. A lot of the ideas he’s shared in the past few months (most of which I have shared with you all) reference the kinds of goals the committee has.

From SEC Commish Greg Sankey:

“An important movement has been ignited around the equitable treatment of all underrepresented minorities, and the SEC is determined to be a leader in the pursuit of meaningful and lasting change... With the Council as our guide, we will develop an action agenda built on the foundation that all are created equal and ensure this truth echoes across our stadiums, our arenas, our campuses, our communities, our states and our nation.”

The council, according to the story on, will initially focus on the following strategic goals:

  • Increasing Access and Representation for Underrepresented Minorities
  • Providing Enhanced Support for Underrepresented Minorities
  • Improving Education on Racial and Social Issues for All Stakeholders
  • Deepening Commitments to Local Communities
  • Raising Awareness of Racial Inequity and Social Injustice

All student-athlete leadership and advisory council members will be required to participate in and discuss racial equity and social justice in their meetings, and identified leaders (such as the Mizzou athletes listed above) will then discuss it with the rest of the council.

“Today’s youth are our leaders and change agents of tomorrow, and by listening, asking and seeking their insights and counsel, we have begun the shared journey toward racial equality,” said Sankey.

This is, honestly, so so so so so cool. Where can I sign up?

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