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NCAA considering delay to 2020-2021 college basketball season

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, August 25

At this point, it’s probably pointless to spend too much more time talking about COVID-19 and college football. Given the start of school (and the amount of cases already popping up around campus), we’ll likely find out soon if the academic activities have any effect whatsoever on the impending season. No point speculating when the answer is forthcoming.

One thing we haven’t spent much time on, however, is college basketball. Other than the Big 10 and Pac 12’s effective cancellation of their non-conference schedules, not much else has come out about how college hoops will alter their schedules and landscapes in the wake of the pandemic. That is, not much came out before today, when CBS Sports dropped a big report about several potential timelines that are being discussed. There are four in particular: the original start date; two start dates later in November; and one at the beginning of December.

Sources told CBS Sports the NCAA’s men’s basketball oversight committee and the men’s basketball selection committee are holding separate meetings Wednesday to discuss these potential start dates, among other action items. On Thursday, Division I conference commissioners will hold a meeting to discuss the basketball season, as will the NABC. On Friday, the women’s basketball committee and the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association will convene and seek feedback on the recommended models as well.

This doesn’t take into consideration the possibility of a cancelled non-conference slate, which would bring basketball in line with how football has approached the season. But it feels like we’re probably still weeks away from any hard decisions being made on that front.

Not to sound too withholding here this morning — but at this point it feels like we’re in a waiting game. If football goes off with little to no hitches, we could be looking at a somewhat normalish year for college sports (relatively, of course). But if things go south quick... well, maybe you want to break out whatever it is you spent your time on these last few months when sports weren’t around.

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