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Hear what Coach Drinkwitz and the players have to say regarding the most recent acts of social injustice

COLUMBIA, Mo- On Wednesday, the University of Missouri’s Head Football Coach, Eli Drinkwitz addressed the press via zoom call.

Coach Drinkwitz kept his opening remarks simple in today’s media conference. He expressed his disappointment in learning of Jacob Blake’s brutal and uncalled for shooting.

“There was no reason for 7 shots to be fired...I feel for my football team and I feel for my coaches,” Drinkwitz said.

Coach referred to a quote from Abraham Lincoln to represent his feelings towards the reoccurring social injustices in our country. The saying goes, “We are always striving to become a more perfect union.” The message in the locker room has, and always will be, to become a better football team. But in times like these, Coach Drinkwitz believes it’s important to bring awareness to everyone.

“There needs to be conversations about change,” Drinkwitz explained. “Everyone, myself included need to be open to change.”

Players and coaches alike have their opinions on the matter. For some, standing up for what you believe in is the only logical answer, like when sophomore Martez Manuel led the peaceful protest back in July following the death of George Floyd. For others, you can only hear about it in the news so much before it feels like there’s nothing you can do.

Junior DB Jarvis Ware described his feelings about everything that’s been going on in the media. Ware explained that during the few hours he gets to spend on the field a day there are no bad vibes, saying he tries to focus on the things you control.

“When I’m on the football field, I can’t complain,” Ware said.

Coach Drinkwitz mentioned that Mizzou alum, L’damian Washington popped in the locker room the other day in order to demonstrate the importance of investment and return. Coach described Washington as, an incredible ambassador for Mizzou and seemed very pleased he chose to talk to his team.

How’s the corona situation? Drinkwitz went ahead and confirmed that two players on the roster have tested positive thus far, though they remain nameless for the time being. Coach reassured that those who have tested positive and those that have been in contact with anyone testing positive are under frequent surveillance.

Additionally, during today’s media conference someone broke the news to Drinkwitz that multiple members of LSU’s offensive line had been placed under quarantine. Drinkwitz responded by saying, “That’s good to know, I’m gonna write that down for sure.”

Could this be the start of the year the SEC’s top schools go down, paving way for an unlikely candidate in the University of Missouri to a cake walk of a season and its first national championship? Probably not, but it’s nice to get creative.

Multiple times in today’s conference Drinkwitz brought up how much fun he had during today’s practice. There’s obviously a lot going on off the field that needs to be addressed, but Drinkwitz certainly seems like he appreciates the time he has on the field to put in work. “Out there, we don’t have anything but a clock, some white lines, a football, and me yelling,” Drinkwitz explained. Again, coach commended the defense and the work that they (including Coach Walters) have been putting in.

“The only thing better than a little competition is a lot of competition,” Drinkwitz said.

There’s a lot to be excited about.