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SEC Announces Dates for Fall Sports, because it’s not ALL about football, guys

Mizzou News for Friday, August 28

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The SEC finally worries about the “others”

If you’ve been wondering what’s to become of the “little guys”.... you know, the OTHER fall sports, you are in luck. The SEC announced today the start dates and laid out the competition schedule (kind of) for the non-revenue sports. I, for one, am happy to see that the SEC is focusing not just on football, and they’ve made some plans for what to do with everyone else. I’m sure Joshua Taylor’s squad, who has been very active on the Mizzou VB twitter, will be happy to have some idea of what’s to come, for one.

Let’s take a look at some highlights!

  • Cross country will have at least two, but at most three meets leading up to the SEC Championships at the end of October. The season will take place between 9/11-10/23, which seems very.... short. They can run against non-con opponents, provided the schools adhere to SEC testing protocols.
  • Soccer will have an 8-game conference-only schedule starting 9/18. All schools will be able to compete in the SEC Championships in mid November and will be guaranteed at least two games.
  • Volleyball will also consist of an 8-match, conference-only schedule lasting 6 weeks, beginning 10/16. Each school will compete against 4 opponents twice in the same weekend on back-to-back days.
  • Golf and Tennis, which typically spans two seasons, may begin competition on 10/1 in up to three Team events. Their competition is limited to only SEC members and non-con teams within their geographic region.

A few other things to note...

  • Soccer and volleyball will play in both fall AND spring, which is new, but not much has been decided about the specifics. From the release:

SEC soccer and volleyball teams will participate in spring competition as well, with details of formats contingent on final decisions by the NCAA to conduct spring championships in those sports.

  • Baseball and softball are permitted in participate in “fall practice activities and intra-squad games”, but they are prohibited from participating in exhibition games against others in the fall.

One last thing... This came out from Mizzou regarding appropriate face coverings, in case there were any questions....

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