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MIZ-ZOOM: One Team, One Voice

The first availability following the Tigers cancellation of practice yesterday

Courtesy of Mizzou Football

For the first time since the cancellation of practice on Friday, Coach Drink and his recently named captains spoke on some powerful social issues and the importance of tomorrow’s first scrimmage.

In Drink’s opening statement, he talked about how important yesterday was to focus on the team and bring them closer together. Before taking questions, he also stated that Nick Bolton, Case Cook, and Larry Rountree III have been named permanent captains this year, and will be joined by an alternating fourth captain.

Following that, the floor opened for questions, and everyone was very curious about the details of yesterday’s team meeting. However, Drink and his players kept many of the details in house, calling it “family matters.”

From today’s zoom, it was very clear the already tight bond this team has. Drink, Nick Bolton, and Larry Rountree all emphasized the family aspect of this matter, and that’s something you love to hear. Drink summed it up best when asked about earning the trust of his players. “Blood makes you kin, but love, trust, and respect makes you a brotherhood.” It really feels like Drink is in tune with his guys, and they are all building a brotherhood, as he said.

As far as football news goes, Drink did address the fact that tomorrow is the team’s first scheduled scrimmage and shared his feelings by calling it, “just another measuring stick in the performance of competition.” He also talked about the importance of scrimmages in the quarterback competition, explaining that there are just game situations that 7 on 7 can’t simulate. The example he gave for this was a 3rd down and the ability to make something happen with your legs, whether it’s scrambling or extending the play.

When Nick and Larry followed up Coach, they emphasized the fact that the statement that was put out yesterday came from the whole team, and it wasn’t just some person from the PR department who put it together. Every guy in the locker room contributed to it. Larry also talked about the importance of using his platform as a student-athlete and about how it’s never wrong to stand up for what’s right. From the way he answered all the questions today, you can easily tell why Larry’s on the field performance isn’t the only thing that led to him being a captain. It really comes across that he is the voice of that locker room.

In the future, we should all be expecting more announcements and involvement in the community involving issues of social justice as all available members of the team mentioned it today, but no details were given at this time.