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Could the SEC be part of a Power 5 split in fall 2020?

Mizzou Links for Monday, August 3

Imagining a season free of the NCAA

As fall camp edges closer (even with the football season now delayed until late September), confusion over whether or not NCAA football will be played (and in what form it will take place) has not subsided. It likely won’t for the next few months, so we should all be ready to ride these waves as they come.

This week, we’re specifically watching what will come out of and after the NCAA’s meeting on Tuesday to decide the fate of college fall sports. This is a separate decision from FBS football, which comes with its own set of complications, and an unfavorable ruling could trigger a series of chain reactions around college sports. Specifically, the Power 5 is already considering a split in the fall of 2020.

In anticipation of the NCAA Board of Governors potentially canceling or postponing fall sports championships, Power 5 conference leaders have begun exploring the possibility of staging their own championships in those affected sports, multiple sources have told Sports Illustrated. This could be seen as a first step toward a long-theorized breakaway from the NCAA by the 65 schools that play college sports at the highest level.

Here at Ole Mizzou, we've got some strong, unkind feelings about the NCAA. And while I’d feel conflicted (at best) about the prospect of athletes playing this fall, I don’t hate the idea of a rift emerging between the governing body of college sports and the conferences that actually hold the power.

What could complicate matters, however, is the ongoing protest of Pac-12 players... and the others that could potentially follow.

Of course, I’m not basing my speculations on any sort of insider information — for all we know, the Pac-12 is the only conference that has been dealt this hand. However, it seems far-fetched to think players from other conferences haven’t considered the same thing. After all, I wrote last week that college athletes are perhaps the least incentivized to continue playing right now considering. You would have to think that a lot of athletes will have their eyes on how this plays out (including how quickly things are or aren’t resolved), and that similar actions could be taken by others.

In other words, happy Monday, y’all. It’s another wacky week in trying to navigate the landscape of college sports. Get ready to be in a completely different stratosphere by the time next Monday rolls around.

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