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Mizzou Football is backing up their words with actions

Mizzou Links for Monday, August 31

Mizzou Football taking part in mid-week justice march

In a COVID world, reporters are getting even less access to Mizzou Football than they were before. This is clearly in everyone’s best interest and safety at the current moment, but it can be pretty frustrating when we’re trying to generate #content over here. Obviously, a scrimmage happened yesterday that we (and anyone else in the press) didn’t have access to. So we can only speculate how things might’ve gone.

One thing we’re getting a better idea of, however, is how Mizzou Football is using its voice in light of the continued racial injustices happening around America. ICYMI, PowerMizzou’s Gabe DeArmond wrote a really good column on Mizzou’s actions following Friday’s cancelled practice. While the players were incredibly forthcoming with their thoughts and feelings, they chose to keep some things closer to the vest.

“We’re going to be doing a lot of things coming up,” [senior Larry] Rountree said. “I can’t give you right now what we’re actually doing. That’s family business. We’re going to be doing things to actually talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and the social injustice in America.”

On Sunday evening, we got a better idea of at least one thing the team might be involved in. Several student-athletes around campus, including defensive tackle Kobie Whiteside, are helping organize a march on Mizzou’s campus this week. Here’s the info if you’re interested in participating.

Dave Matter reports that the athletes coordinated with two on-campus groups to make the march happen.

This has been a big story out of camp this fall (and it doesn’t hurt that Coach Drinkwitz has been heavily supportive), so we’ll continue to monitor the actions Mizzou Football chooses to take. In the meantime, it’s Offensive Line preview week here at Rock M Nation, so get ready for all the trenches content your minds can handle.

Yesterday at Rock M

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There’s also this tweet, which we’re not officially recognizing.

Bad Mizzou bingo? In basketball? Don’t know what you could possibly mean.