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A light news day as we anxiously await the new SEC schedule

Mizzou News for Friday, August 7

Well, we don’t yet have a finalized football schedule— it’s likely coming tomorrow— so it was a pretty light news day. Because of this, I’ve got kind of a hodgepodge of football stuff for you.

STL Today’s Dave Matter hosted his weekly chat, and it actually had a good mix of both football and basketball-related questions this time, but let’s take focus on some of the football highlights. I’ve paraphrased many of the questions and combined some answers, by the way.

First up, when asked about if there’s any under the radar All-SEC type of performers on this year’s team, Matter said:

I’d start with Tyree Gillespie. I think he can be one of the best safeties in the SEC. One of the wide receivers could have a big year. Maybe Hazelton. Otherwise, hard to predict a big season out of anyone who’s not getting some preseason attention now. Rountree, Whiteside, Bolton aren’t under the radar but all could live up to high expectations and earn some honors.

I personally would think this would be very hard to predict with only a few spring practices and not much else to go off of.

When a few commenters, one being someone named Florida Tiger, asked (repeatedly) for his opinion on paying college players because all of the media agrees with this sentiment - which isn’t true FTR - Dave said (as part of a much longer answer):

I believe players should be able to profit off their name, image and likeness and there should not be strict oversight from the NCAA. Players should be able to make money off hosting a camp - just like their coaches. They should be able to be paid to appear in commercials for companies and products - just like their coaches. They should be able to charge for autographs. They should be able to profit off their likeness used on a jersey or T-shirt or poster. Don’t fall for the NCAA scare tactics that these changes will harm non-revenue and women’s sports. Nonsense. Sophie Cunningham would have made more money off her likeness than any other MU athlete, male or female, during her four-year career. J’den Cox and Ben Askren would have been able to capitalize off their name and likeness. Don’t fall for the nonsense that endorsement money will dry up booster money and bankrupt the athletics departments. And if they do impact the schools’ revenue feed, is it a bad thing if the head coach has to make $3 million instead of $4 million?

I have thought about this a lot, and agree with Dave on this. When the NIL conversation was officially brought up last season, I immediately thought of how people like Big Reed could make some extra cash doing a commercial for Bass Pro, or how Karissa could have done something with an athletic shoe store or something. Or Tilly could have been paid to help with LBo’s camp... My mind didn’t automatically go to paying football players. (Side note: Dad, you live in Florida. This had better not be you... haha)

I encourage you to check out the chat. There’s much more about the NIL/paying players part, some thoughts on what could happen to non-revenue sports at P5 schools should there be no football or no attendance, and quite a bit of basketball content.

In other football news, Zeke Powell made it officially official. Welcome, sir!

On to the Links! Happy Friday! I’m off work today so I’m looking forward to doing whatever I feel like! :)

Yesterday at Rock M

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Football/CFB in general

Other Mizzou/Local Sports

My votes? #2 Volleyball— that was a TOUGH decision, #1 Gymnastics, #9 soccer, #1 ZO!

Mizzou in the Pros

  • Y’all... Mike is so good. I have been utilizing my NBA TV/League Pass to the EXTREME since purchasing it earlier this week, and wow. I’m just blown away. As is the media.

From Mike Singer of The Denver Post:

From Jeff Goodman of Stadium:

  • Hey, J3!!! I didn’t realize he was back in the league and a part of the Washington Wizards! And, he’s showing us how easy registering to vote is. LOVE TO SEE IT, J3!
  • Soph continues to do Sophie-like things. The Mercury beat the Chicago Sky on Thursday evening 96-86, and are 4-2 on the wubble season. Soph wasn’t much of a factor points-wise (3 points on 1-2 shooting), but continues to help her team out defensively and be a factor on the court.
  • Drew’s having a good time and letting that fun-loving personality show:

Interesting/Non-Mizzou News

These are some of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports and the world— Enjoy!

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