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Extended camp full of lulls is not ideal with so many uncertainties

Mizzou News for Friday, September 11

Extended camp leads to lulls in... everything.

Normal camp lasts about 30 days, and teams are permitted to cram 25 practices into those 30 days. However, with camp extended to 40 days with the first game being pushed back, there’s a lot more time off, which isn’t necessarily a good thing when you’ve got new everything.... staff, players, positions, injuries, virus concerns, schemes, playbooks, etc. Instead of getting into any sort of rhythm, it’s all starting and stopping all the time. Think of it like one of those drivers — you all know one, or maybe you are one — that hits the brakes way too often and you just never get going. How annoying is it?

Souichi Terada delved into this further in his recent piece for the Kansas City Star.

“Football is one of those games where it requires some consistency,” Drinkwitz said after Tuesday’s practice. “I don’t necessarily like the fact that we practiced Saturday and we don’t get to go again till Tuesday. We gotta take a Thursday off (every week).”

This becomes even more difficult and annoying when, as Souichi said in his piece, they had a scrimmage on Saturday, and afterwards coaches reviewed film and made notes, but then the team didn’t practice again until Tuesday. How much good are those notes they made when and they can’t do anything to address the issues until several days later?

From Drink:

“There’s some frustration in the fact that you can’t go out there and string good days together. And you watch practice like three or four days ago and you’re going back to correct it,” Drinkwitz said. “Are you moving on? Are you working on the same thing? It’s interesting for sure.”

Anyway, be sure to check out the article. Souichi does great work for the KC Star, and he’s got a lot more info included than what I shared!

One last thing... I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out a big ol’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad, who’s super cool, and very encouraging of this here sports writing job of mine.

The Emperor’s New Groove is awesome. Don’t @ me.

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