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BREAKING: Taylor Powell transfers from Missouri

Welcome to the Shawn Robinson show!

Missouri v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

As confirmed by most of the Mizzou beat on Friday morning, quarterback Taylor Powell will be transferring from Missouri, effective immediately.

Taylor Powell Career Stats

The timing of the transfer seems a little odd, unless he received news that he wouldn’t be starting and was truly holding out hope that he would. But transferring during the season means he won’t play at all, whereas staying on the Tigers’ roster would have given him some opportunities to do so. Regardless of why, the official Missouri roster has him gone so it doesn’t seem to matter at this point.

The 3-star out of Fayetteville never had many chances to prove his worth, and the chances he did get were not the most favorable. He was forced into service when Kelly Bryant was injured against Kentucky and did nothing to stop the shellacking from the Wildcats. He got his first official start on the road against Georgia, and then came in in relief of the injured Connor Bazelak against Arkansas. His game against the Razorbacks was probably his best performance...and that was an 8-14, 105 yard day with one touchdown and one interception.

TayPo probably wasn’t going to win the starting job over Shawn Robinson, but certainly was going to be a viable option in case of injury or COVID. Now the Tigers are staring down the barrel of a 10-conference game slate with one transfer quarterback, a redshirt freshman, and a brand new freshman as the quarterback options. While the positive is that Drinkwitz has now - probably - officially found his starter, there’s going to be very little experience to draw from in case things go awry.

Best of luck to Taylor! We appreciate the work he put in as a Tiger and hope he finds success in the next program he plays for.