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It’s time for preseason awards... and getting to know Nick Bolton!

Mizzou News for Friday, September 18

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More Awards!

It’s preseason awards time! Everybody get excited! On Thursday afternoon, the Coaches All-SEC preseason football team was released, and YAY! Some Mizzou guys made the cut!

First Team: Nick Bolton, LB

Second Team: Kobie Whiteside, DT & Tyree Gillespie, S

Third Team: Larry Three-Sticks, RB

Speaking of Mr. First Teamer, Nick Bolton, Joe Cox of Saturday Down South put together 10 things we should know about Mr. Bolton. Here’s some of the most interesting tidbits, but please do check out Joe’s post.

  • As a child, he dominated his school’s points-based reading reward system. As a former teacher, I really love to see this.
  • He may have gotten his love of the game from his dad, but he plays for his sister. From the post:

When Bolton was 9 years old, his sister, Jazmine Dunn, was an outstanding high school athlete, contemplating a future as a college athlete in basketball and/or softball… until she was sidelined by a brain tumor. Dunn survived, but she sustained a visual disability that prevented her from playing. Young Nick decided he’d play sports for his sister.

  • He’s a road game warrior.. Last year, according to the article, he averaged 10.8 tackles per game on the road vs 7.6 at home.

On to the links! Happy Friday to all.

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