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Saban may be cagey about Covid, but not our Fearless Leader

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, September 23

Drinkwitz favors transparency over Saban’s secrecy in regards to Covid

Last week, we thought Mizzou would be out (at least) 12 team members due to positive tests and/or contact tracing, and things were looking... well... bleak. Tuesday, we we learned that in actuality, the Tigers will be out 7 players.

Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch went in-depth with Drink’s thoughts on transparency in regards to Covid testing as well as how the number of players who were going to be out for the Bama game actually decreased.

So, how exactly did Mizzou end up for the better (as of right now anyway, since they still have two more rounds of tests before Saturday)? Apparently, some of the initial positive results were inconclusive.

From Drinkwitz:

“We contact traced several players. Once that that inconclusive test was retaken multiple times with PCR swab and concluded to be a negative test we were able to allow people to come back out of the contact tracing (quarantine),”

I must say, it’s quite nice to have a coach who believes in just telling us what’s going on. Unlike that coach in Alabama, or others, for that matter, Drink doesn’t see the competitive advantage in hiding a team’s Covid results.

According to Matter’s reporting, Nick Saban said Monday the only player who definitely won’t be available for Saturday’s game is defensive back Ronald Williams, and just because he’s got a broken arm. He revealed nothing regarding Covid testing.

From Drinkwitz, and I LOVE this:

“This is a public health issue. It’s not a competitive advantage issue. This is not an injury that we’re trying to keep (quiet.). This is a public health issue. People should know what’s going on within our football team as it relates to a pandemic. (That’s) where I would start. I would say that that for me is more important than whatever competitive advantage we feel like it might be to win or lose a football game. I would still cite that a pandemic probably is more important than that, although I do believe in the value of football...”

As with all of Matter’s stories, I highly recommend them, so please check it out to get the full scoop!

Also related to testing, it was revealed on Tuesday that the SEC will adopt the NFL’s system for contact tracing, using KINEXON SafeZone technology, which uses lightweight, wearable devices called SafeTags and will allow teams to determine proximity and length of interaction in practices and games to provide better contact tracing.

From their release:

“Through this new relationship with KINEXON, the SEC is committed to using innovative technology to provide solutions for use by our member institutions as we all work to support a healthy environment for student-athletes,” said SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. “KINEXON provides the SEC with a modern and effective solution to meet the unique contact tracing challenges associated with football.”

I’m all for it if it works. Keep those unpaid athletes safe so schools can continue to make money off them! (Sorry)

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