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PODCAST: Mizzou is set to host Alabama

Nate and BK preview Mizzou versus Alabama and Nate talks with Dave Ozment previewing the Tide

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Tiger Fans for another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley! Nate is is joined by Dave Ozment, who podcasts about Alabama Football for and is here to help all of you get ready to face the Crimson Tide.

Everyone knows Alabama is one of the best teams in the nation and Mizzou is, let’s say, short-handed, with the Tide coming to town. There are still things you should look for! Nate and BK breakdown what they expect to see in game 1 of the Drinkwitz era.

Episode Breakdown:

:45 - 7:00: It’s Game Week. SO much to talk about in addition to the usual game week stuff. What hasn’t happened to Missouri Football this week? A whole lot to unpack. The fact that Mizzou Football is playing is a WIN even if the game might not be one. Before we dive into that, recruiting news kicks off the pod.

7:01 - 17:20: Now for the game related news. The first official depth chart was released as well as names of players that are out (either for a few weeks, the year, this game, etc). Mizzou sits at 69 scholarship players right now that are available for Saturday’s season opener. What do we make of the depth chart? The O-Line situation is... let’s say dire, especially when you face Alabama. Depth Chart notes and thoughts!

17:21 - 29:45: There are a whole lot of ORs on this depth chart, including who is at QB. Who will it be? And who are the other ORs that you would like to see start come Saturday? Also, everyone remembers the reaction to landing Ennis Rakestraw in April. He is the day one starter at corner and Alabama has some TALENT at WR. This will be quite the test for the freshman DB.

29:50 - 49:22: Nate chats with Dave Ozment who is the host of the Alabama Football Podcast. They cover a whole lot about the Crimson Tide so this can be your one stop shop for preparing for what you will see against Mizzou come Saturday. Alabama is good, but there is more to it than just that!

49:25 - 1:02:00: Thoughts on what Dave had to say about the Tide and will Saban make this a statement game or will he call off the wolves if need be at some point? While pretty much everyone is expecting this to be a large victory for Alabama, we still want to see some things out of the Tigers as the Drinkwitz era begins.

1:02:01 - END: FINAL THOUGHTS and since the SEC kicks off this weekend, what are some matchups of interest that people should be tuning in for? We’ll see you on SUNDAY for a reaction podcast with Nate and BK (hurray two football podcasts/week again!) and until then, as our host Nate says, MIZ.

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