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Grade cards, snap counts and takeaways... we’re officially in mid-season mode!

Mizzou Links for September 28

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It’s that time of year!

I have to be honest with y’all, one of my favorite parts of college football season is how easy it is to do links. The summer months are a swelteringly dry desert for #content, whereas the season is a cool, refreshing oasis. It’s so nice to be able to head to every website that covers Mizzou and grab at least 2-3 links per.

Anyway, it’s a Monday in college football season after a game, and that can only mean one(ish) thing: GRADE CARDS! Everyone loves a grade card. They’re clear, succinct and easy to wrap your head around, whether you agree with the grade or not. So dive in to the grades below and let us know what you do and don’t agree with in the comments.

Yesterday at Rock M

Not all of these dropped yesterday, but I figured it would be good to give y’all a full rundown of our post-game coverage starting from Saturday evening on.

More Links:

  • Here’s your weekly “Mizzou In the NFL” recap:

— A nice day for the #DLineZou in Cleveland, where Sheldon Richardson recorded a sack amongst his 4 tackles, with Jordan Elliott chipping in a tackle of his own.

— Markus Golden recorded two tackles in the Giants’ third consecutive loss of the season. To be fair, no amount of pass-rushing excellence could help a Daniel Jones-helmed team.

— Probably the biggest story of the week for Mizzou, though, was Aldon Smith. The once-disgraced DE had a day for the Cowboys, logging three sacks, four QB hits and a pass deflection. Comeback Player of the Year Candidate? He’d have my vote.