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Hear from Coach Drinkwitz and his players before tomorrow’s scrimmage

COLUMBIA, Mo- On Friday, the University of Missouri’s Head Football Coach, Eli Drinkwitz and some of his players addressed the press via zoom call.

With the season opener inching closer every day, there’s a lot of excitement built around tomorrow’s scrimmage. From the sound of it, it really seems like guys are going to be competing hard against one another. If Drinkwitz had to hang his hat on anything, it would be generating competition amongst his players at all positions in the locker room. According to coach, the two players that stood out most from last Sunday’s scrimmage were MLB Devin Nicholson and DT Markell Utsey. When DE Chris Turner was asked about his thoughts on Nicholson, he immediately complimented him as a person, saying he is one of the most genuine people he’s ever met. Turner also didn’t hesitate to mention that as soon as Nicholson steps on the field he’s an absolute “DAWG.” Let’s hope to see some of that ‘dawg’ in Nicholson over the course of the next 10-12 weeks.

Another obvious high caliber player to look forward to this year is LB Nick Bolton. It’s still up in the air who will be playing alongside Bolton at the linebacker position, but that could easily be answered after tomorrow’s scrimmage. If I had to guess, I would expect Nicholson to be the guy to step into that role this year...

The offensive side of the ball this year is just as exciting. This team’s newest weapon for Drinkwitz & Co. is WR Keke Chism. Arguably the most anticipated player to put on a Tiger uniform this year, Chism has constantly been praised for both his incredible work ethic and freak athletic capabilities. We had the chance to hear from Chism today, however rather than agreeing with all the hype that’s been built around himself, he commended the first year freshmen of all people.

“The biggest thing with our offense this year is the amount of play makers we have. Our goal as a team is to get those guys the ball as much a possible,” Chism explained. He continued to say how this year’s freshmen have really stepped up and accepted the challenges the coaching staff has presented them with. “They could step in and we wouldn’t miss a beat,” Chism said.

Let us pray that all this hype does not go to waste and that come week one, Drinkwitz has the guys fired up to shock the college football world. More tomorrow following an afternoon scrimmage.