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Will college basketball happen in a bubble this year?

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, September 8

A College Basketball Bubble? It could happen!

Yesterday was Labor Day, so surprise, surprise, there wasn’t much new going around about Mizzou or college sports in general. However, one particularly juicy rumor dropped that could have some implications for the college basketball season.

With the success had by the NBA, NHL and WNBA, the NCAA is reportedly considering implementing bubble sites for the 2020-2021 college basketball season.

The NBA has the ideal setup at Disney World, but college basketball might be better suited to follow the NHL’s lead.

Hockey’s two bubbles — Toronto and Edmonton, Alberta — cordoned off areas enclosing the arena and several nearby hotels. All personnel entering are tested and strict protocols are in place for vendors delivering food and packages into the bubbles.

Similar bubbles for college basketball could be set up at smaller resorts, cities with arenas and hotels nearby, or Division II or III schools with arenas not being used during the pandemic.

So where does that leave Missouri, who plays in the Midwest, but competes in the Southeastern conference? It feels like there might end up being a Missouri-based bubble — possibly Kansas City or St. Louis or a combination of the two? — for the non-conference schedule and then a more eastern focused bubble in the SEC. Maybe Knoxville if the SEC decides to do more than one bubble site or Atlanta if they stick to one?

Regardless, there’s still some time before the NCAA has to make a final call on their start date, so there’s sure to be more rumors to leak in the meantime.

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