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Mizzou Hoops Commit Talk

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, September 9

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Hoops Talk With Sean Durugordon

I just love it when there’s basketball to talk about during football season, don’t you?

Mason Arneson of The Maneater wrote a great story about new (not THE newest though) commit, Sean Durugordon, and I highly suggest you check it out. It contains A LOT of great information, so here’s just a few highlights:

From Mike Yagmin, recruiting analyst for The Hoops Hustle, on how to describe Mizzou’s newest commit:

“He’s a fighter. Sean doesn’t have to go too far to look for motivation. He’s got a lot of stuff to use for that between wanting to prove something for his family and to the local community. He’s got a chip on his shoulder whenever he steps on the court.”

According to the article, the versatile 6-foot-7 wing has a 7-foot wingspan, and hopes to use his lengthy reach, two-way prowess and chip on his shoulder to develop into an NBA-caliber player while at Missouri. Knowing Cuonzo not only played professionally, but also coached current athletes playing in the NBA was a big deal to him.

On trusting the coaching staff at Missouri and how that was perhaps the most important thing to him, Durugordon said:

“I feel like you always gotta believe they’re gonna do right by you... If there’s no trust, there’s really no anything. I feel like playing at a high level like that, and ultimately reaching the high goal of the NBA, I have to play under someone who I trust with my future.”

Because of the nature of the schools he’s attended— Canterbury School and (this year) Putnam Science Academy — both of which are private boarding schools, he should be ready for regimented life on Mizzou’s campus. How will Putnam and his early commitment to Mizzou prepare him for high-level basketball and the SEC? Well, Putnam’s team will feature 13 players bound for D-I schools and is a high level prep program, according to his coach, Tom Espinosa, so he will need some time to adjust, but “this is as close as you can get to playing college basketball.”

Want more information on Sean? Read the article, because it’s really in-depth and really great and I left out a lot!

And in case you missed it, Mizzou picked up another 2021 Hoops commit on Tuesday evening— Springfield Kickapoo’s Trevon Brazile. Check out Matt’s story on his commitment and skillset if you haven’t already. He included numerous tweets in his story, but missed the MOST important one... Zo sipping coffee.

Always remember, coffee is for closers.

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