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PODCAST: Mizzou Basketball is on hold for now

Mizzou might have had a few games postponed, but Sam and Matt are back with a new episode of Dive Cuts!

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NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris! Mizzou Hops might be on pause, but that does not mean the Dive Cuts crew is. While there was only game to watch last week, there are plenty of takeaways. In case you forgot, it was a tale of two halves and Mizzou lost in bad fashion. Sam and Matt also go through the SEC Power Rankings as it stands today.

Mizzou checks in still in the Top 20 in the AP Poll, which is good but there is plenty to fix and maybe this pause can do just that. Sam and Matt also preview Texas A&M as that will probably be the next time we see our Tigers on the court. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 14:53: Mizzou Basketball is our topic and right now COVID is the topic surrounding the team as they are officially on pause as of this moment. The schedule has been shuffled and there is a week at the end of the season to makeup some games so all isn’t lost as far as scheduling goes for Mizzou. If you go on pause more than once, then it gets a little dicey (Other schools have gone on pause as well in the league — also this is not a medical podcast, so we are not the professionals to listen to).

14:54 - 38:50: With Missouri not playing last Saturday, it’s a perfect time to do some power rankings for the SEC. If you listened before the season, Sam and Matt ranked the teams one way and now that we have some games under our belts, where does the league stand now and specifically Missouri.

38:51 - 53:50: Anytime you have to go to College Station, it becomes a tough game for a variety of reasons. Mizzou does just that assuming they play on Saturday... what should one expect to see on Saturday? Also, some other thoughts from around the league since Mizzou has been on pause.

53:51 - END: It has been a weird week or so for Mizzou Basketball since games are getting postponed, but hopefully that changes this weekend and everything is back on track. We’ll see you next week for another episode of Dive Cuts!

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