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PODCAST: Let’s Hope for a Quiet Week for Mizzou Basketball

Sam returns to talk with Matt about Mizzou’s big win at Tennessee as well as Auburn and TCU.

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NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back everyone to the newest episode of Dive Cuts, which is once again at full strength! Sam is back this week after being off last week and provides an update on his pup and its health (THANK YOU everyone for the well wishes!!!).

Sam and Matt then transition into the normal Mizzou Hoops chatter. Mizzou takes on Auburn and TCU (we think?) this week, which could prove to be some good matchups, Auburn more so! But before all of that, Sam and Matt recap the week that was and Mizzou got a pretty SOLID road win on Saturday in case you missed it. Mizzou fans and the team are feeling good, let’s hope this week continues those positive feelings. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:50 - 9:30: Welcome Back Sam! Let’s talk the AP poll as there are some voters who have Mizzou fairly low all things considered and that has Mizzou twitter buzzing. Also, Sam updates everyone on the status of Arturo. Continue sending the Snelling Fam well wishes and continue to send the positive thoughts Arturo’s way! (Dogs RULE!)

9:31 - 22:20: Alright, let’s talk Tennessee. That was a solid win for Mizzou. Two games in a row Mizzou has started fast and stayed that way! That’s been fun, right? Let’s get into the two games last week and in particular the top 25 road win on Saturday.

22:21 - 34:25: Mizzou goes to Auburn today (Tuesday) and it will be a tough matchup for the Tigers. Auburn is much better now that Sharife Cooper is playing. Let’s preview it!

34:26 - 47:30: Mizzou is scheduled to play TCU on Saturday (we think) and the SEC/Big XII matchup is this weekend, so Sam and Matt A) preview TCU and B) talk a little SEC/Big XII Challenge!

47:31 - END: Ideally Mizzou comes out of this week 2-0 and then next week Mizzou hosts Kentucky and Alabama, so that could be a TOUGH test. We shall see. Final thoughts and Dive Cuts will return next week to recap what is hopefully a quiet and boring week for Mizzou Hoops (which means 2-0).

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