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If you’ve been looking for a chance to pick up a vintage tee or two, now’s a good time.

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That sweet sweet vintage Mizzou gear at Homefield Apparel.

If you recall, back in November, your favorite Mizzou Sports blog Rock M Nation has joined forces with Homefield Apparel to bring you dealz. Homefield is a college sports apparel company based in Indianapolis who license really terrific vintage looks and pump out high quality t-shirts and more. I’m the proud owner of three dope looks. *cue “I’m not just a spokesman, I’m also a customer!”

You should follow them on Twitter (if you have a twitter account) because it’s a really fun account, and even if you are looking for MORE than just Mizzou gear, the entire collection they have is pretty great. Including the recent Georgetown release. Now for this month’s deal...

Have you ever wondered why Mizzou’s mascot is a Tiger? During the Civil War, the Confederate Army began deploying small bands of guerrilla fighters as a strategy. At one point, it was rumored that the city of Columbia was one of the next targets to be ambushed by these bands. The citizens of Columbia met together, formed a militia and built a blockhouse to protect the courthouse that was located in the center of the town. That group’s name? The Missouri Tigers.

You can find the most fashionable Missouri Tigers gear - including, of course, the beloved Truman - from Homefield, printed on the comfiest hoodies and tees you will ever own. And now that you know how Mizzou gained their athletics nickname, you can wear it with even more pride.

Because you are a Rock M Nation reader, you can receive Free Shipping (!!!) on all of Homefield Apparel’s Vintage Mizzou collection with promo code FREESHIPROCKMN at checkout.

Free Shipping starts today and ends tomorrow (01/29-30) so order your Mizzou gear now.