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LOOK: Shirts and Pants Revealed for Texas A&M Game

I don’t know who needs to hear this but...FOOTBALL TEAMS SHOULD NOT WEAR WHITE AT HOME

Another week, another iteration of the Missouri equipment staff choosing football clothes that comes close to putting together an excellent combination - getting 2 of the 3 categories in elite territory - and, yet, the third choice screws it up at the end.

No, don’t make the obvious joke. You’re better than that.

Anyway, look at this crap:

Black shirt? Yes. Black helmet? Oh my, yes! Block M? Ohhhhhhhh baby yeah there’s a Block M on there!

....white pants.


What are we, kansas?

I have no idea why the school has decided in the past two years that this is something that should be part of the uniform but here we are. Wearing white pants. At home.

I’m sure I’m crotchety. I’m sure there’s some nostalgia that squares up and donkey kicks me in the medulla oblongata anytime I see something that’s not the all-blacks or some combo of black and gold.

But seriously. White pants. We’re really doing this huh?

Whatever. Beat Texas A&M and I won’t care how stupid they look.

Am I being a gigantic poop here? What say you?


The Missouri football team wearing white pants at home is...

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