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Tuesday was a GREAT Day to be a Tiger

Mizzou News for Wednesday, October 20

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Tuesday was a good day.

Tuesdays are good days for this writer in particular, as it’s my off day and I can sleep in, chill out, and get stuff done for the site and my Etsy shop. I also knew I had the evening to look forward to, as we knew the Luther Burden commitment was likely to play out in our favor, and the new season of the Bachelorette premiered (don’t @ me, there is even a former Mizzou FB guy — Clayton Echard — on this season)! So I was happy with just this to look forward to. BUT WAIT…. There was more! SO.MUCH.MORE.

Women’s Hoops

That afternoon, Mizzou Women’s Hoops presented this tweet, that got me even more super psyched for basketball season. Much like the men’s team, there are a bunch of newcomers, though not quite to the extent of the guys.

As soon as you click on the article, you’ll see AB’s face RIGHT THERE at the top.

ESPN’s Way-Too-Early Bracketology has Mizzou in the Last Team In

And if you scroll down to the bracket, you’ll see in their portion of the bracket: No. 6 Virginia Tech, No. 11 Mizzou (YAY), No. 3 Iowa (sounds familiar), and No. 14 Belmont.

Coach P took to the podium and had this to say:

They seem to be building chemistry quite well, judging from the outtakes from team picture day.

Men’s Hoops

And Men’s Hoops reminded us there’s only 21 days til the season starts. I’d like to remind y’all… WE STILL DON’T HAVE TIMES FOR THESE GAMES.

The SEC released their preseason rankings on Tuesday as well, and the Tigers have a been picked to finish 10th, per this article by Dave Matter. Immediately ahead of the Tigers in the rankings are Mississippi State (8th) and Ole Miss (9th). Sam would like to remind everyone that this is basically how HE picked the rankings.

NORMALLY, in conjunction with the release of the preseason rankings, we would have SEC Media Days to look forward to. Not this year, y’all, because the SEC doesn’t give a &*@$ about hoops, apparently. Can you tell I’m irritated as hell about this? Because I AM.

Rock M Gets Us FIRED UP

Next up in Tuesday’s day of fun, we were even treated to a series of Idris Elba gifs from the Rock M account, who you may not have known, is on the BBC series, Luther. Clever, Sam, clever. I’ll only share a few, I promise…

The Commitment

And these two perfectly wonderful reaction videos from the staff.

On to the Links!

This pic needs a frame, y’all.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • Sammy weighed in on how this recruiting class stacks up. WOW.


  • On Sunday, Mizzou had a no-so-secret scrimmage with Oklahoma State at Emporia St. While we have no details, everybody seemed really appreciative of the opportunity to get to work on skills leading up to the season. This thread is tweets is great.

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Next up for soccer— OLE MISS on Thursday.

Mizzou in the Pros

  • Sophie Cunningham and the Phoenix Mercury met with the media at the conclusion of their season on Monday. On her upcoming free agency, Sophie said:


  • This tweet is true and made me laugh. Seriously, how do I dress daily?!?!
  • And big congrats to my bud, Dave Matter!


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