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Rejoice! Men’s Hoops FINALLY releases game times

Mizzou News for Friday, October 22

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FINALLY. With less than three weeks to go, and Missouri’s athletic department full on trying to sell mini plans to the games, there seemed to be something missing. Want to go to any game prior to the December 29 SEC kick off at Kentucky? Too bad, you don’t know what time to get there. Hope you have pretty much any time between 11am and 8pm free.

But alas, Mizzou Athletics has fulfilled my wishes and I can finally stop bickering. We have game times, folks. AND I CANNOT WAIT.

Let’s take a closer look at the non-con slate, courtesy of

That’s a lot of games on SEC Network+, huh? While fans watching at home won’t necessarily love that, at least it’s not the bigger games, right? Also, if you can make it, YOU SHOULD GO TO MIZZOU ARENA TO SUPPORT OUR BRAND NEW TEAM ON THE COURT. (Sorry for the caps— I felt this needed emphasis)

I also like that the team catered to the football crowd who will want to spend their Black Friday watching CFB, and the shoppers, who should be done by that time of night. As someone who gets paid an extra $2 an hour to work on Black Friday, I commend the time decision and am happy I can work a normal shift that day. Win.

I also saw some chatter on the twitter about the time of the Border War game. Yes, it’s in the middle of the day, but it’s also on ESPN (!) and as fans of the team that will likely be losing — sorry, it’s true — we should be happy that ESPN is recognizing that this is a big deal, and properly putting it on the main channel. I mean… this is the same company that couldn’t be bothered to put all the games of the WNBA playoffs on the main channel, so I wasn’t expecting much. Someone of my relative age range told me at work on Thursday that the kids these days (i.e. the college students working up front at Target) just don’t care about the rivalry and see it as no different than that any other school. I’m sorry, but whattttt?

“This is totally, like, one of best rivalries in sports.” -Cher, probably

Consider this your reminder to read Sam’s preview of the game and the importance of the rivalry and how much Bill Self seems like a real “kansas”…. Study up, kids. This is a big one.

Moving on…

Now, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember seeing Paul Quinn College on the schedule previously? If you aren’t familiar, Wikipedia is here to help you learn about the HBCU.

Paul Quinn College is a private historically black Methodist college in Dallas, Texas. The college is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. It is the oldest historically black college west of the Mississippi River and the nation’s first urban work college. Wikipedia

The Tigers are an NAIA Division I school and are the only HBCU (historically black colleges & universities) in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. And if you’re wondering what a “work college” is, since I also have never heard of it prior to looking it up, here’s what I found:

Work Colleges are an exceptional group of four-year, degree granting, liberal arts institutions that engage students in the purposeful integration of work, learning, and service. ... Therefore, all resident students have jobs. Most students work at on campus jobs, while some students hold off campus positions.

Interesting! Whether you’ve heard of the institution or not, I LOVE that the Tigers are scheduling HBCUs, just like I loved when Coach Cal announced over the summer that Kentucky would be making this a part of their schedule for the next five years. YAY. I hope it continues.

Before we get into the links, if you’re into that whole superstitions thing, please cross your fingers, toes, eyes, and all appendages, rub a rabbit’s foot (ew), throw some salt over your shoulder or whatever good luck stuff you do, as Zo’s squad takes on [breaks out in cold sweat] Creighton on Saturday for a not-so-secret scrimmage. If you remember rather unfondly (is that a word?), the last time we played that school in a scrimmage…. Jontay tore his knee all the way up and Karen almost dislocated her shoulder trying to brace herself from tripping up the stairs while on her phone seeing this news on Twitter.

Enough of that…

On to the Links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


  • According to Dave Matter, Drinkwitz mentioned several players who are seemingly exhausting their eligibility and are out the rest of the season due to injury. You can read more from Lila Bromberg (KC Star).

From Case Cook:

From Chris Turner:

From Mason Pack:


(Note to self: wish I hadn’t let my PM sub run out this week so I could continue reading this series, but I didn’t want to pay 99.95 for something I don’t use much)

  • I’m re-upping Sammy’s link to the Inside Mizzou Sports podcast, because when Zo speaks, everyone should listen. He talked about each of the players, including Jordan Wilmore looking like he lost half his self weight-wise, and talked about a bit about the not-so-secret scrimmage with Oklahoma State. It was awesome.
  • I was going to include this up top, but frankly, I went a little long on the schedule stuff, so I moved this here. Coach Pingeton went on Finebaum on Thursday afternoon to talk about her team. I should mention, while I did say on Wednesday’s links that there are A LOT of newbies, much like the men’s team, I should point out that the entire starting rotation returns. Anyway, have a watch/listen.
  • Additionally, it’s just one week til Women’s Hoops takes on Lindenwood in an exhibition match up at Mizzou Arena. WOOOOOOO!
  • And they are getting some WORK in….

Other Mizzou Sports

  • Well, this is awesome. Missouri’s NIL laws are actually doing something… good? Color me surprised about the Missouri legislature….
  • The ranked men’s and women’s swimming & diving teams (no. 14 and 20, respectively) will take on Arkansas on Saturday. According to, the meet is at 11AM and the men will be racing in exhibition (Arkansas does not have an official men’s team). Admission will be free at the Mizzou Aquatic Center.
  • Soccer got a BIG win in their “Pink Out” over Ole Miss. Way to go, ladies!
  • Mizzou Volleyball (4-16, 1-6 SEC) will face Ole Miss (13-5, 2-5 SEC) in a two-match series on Friday, Oct. 22, and Saturday, Oct. 23. The first serve is slated for 6:30PM on Saturday and Sunday. Check out more info at

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