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SEC Power Rankings - Week 4

Tide fans puff away, Mike Leach continues the candy corn hate, Georgia’s receivers are ready for the Cocktail Party

Riding a 28-point four quarter, ‘Bama fans broke out the victory cigars for the 15th straight time against the Vols.

GEORGIA - Reports out of Athens indicate that Georgia’s wide receiver room may have restored its health meter to full-bore this week. Sorry, Florida...

ALABAMA - The Tide rolled Tennessee with 28 points in the fourth to leave Neyland with a blowout win in what was the most-watched game of the CFB schedule thus far — and then posed with babies afterward. Double-baller move.

KENTUCKY - The ‘Cats get Mississippi State this weekend, with whom they’ve split the previous 48 meetings. I, for one, am surprised the two teams have played each other that many times, but this time, it shouldn’t be a contest. Kentucky runs it well, and Mississippi State doesn’t (at all). Locking down second in the East should be motivation enough for Mark Stoops, whose team’s slate gets significantly lighter after Tennessee next week.

FLORIDA - The overall SP+ rank seems peculiar, but you could make a strong case that the Gators, laden with as much talent as anyone on Georgia’s schedule outside of Alabama, are perfectly capable of using the spoiler role to derail the Bulldogs’ dream campaign.

OLE MISS - The loss earlier this season to Alabama is understandable. The real measuring stick to gauge the legitimacy of Lane Kiffin’s efforts takes place in Auburn Saturday, the latest in a lopsided series that has rarely favored the Rebels, who have beaten the Tigers just five times since 1992.

TEXAS A&M - Idle A&M would be wise to take advantage of the empty week. After getting the luxury of watching Auburn-Ole Miss afar from their couches, the Aggies get some personal time with each to potentially decide the fate of the West, starting with the Rebels on the road.

ARKANSAS - According to the figures, Arkansas has at least a 43% chance of winning three of its four remaining games (excluding Alabama). Those same figures have the ‘Hogs pegged for a 7-5 finish, which means a 2-2 record down the home stretch thanks to a loss to either Mississipppi State, LSU, or Mizzou.

TENNESSEE - Yep, the Ole Miss loss was hard. The reaction (flying debris notwithstanding) may be justifiable in some circles, given the questionable officiating. What’s not cool — nor acceptable to the faithful — is getting taken behind the woodshed by Big Brother ‘Bama for the 15th season in succession.

AUBURN - Halloween Weekend. Jordan-Hare. A Top 10 opponent. Don’t expect any kind of Kick 6-like theatrics, but the atmosphere should nonetheless be electric for what could be one the most entertaining games of the entire season. A win puts Auburn within half a game of ‘Bama in the West with the Iron Bowl looming.

MISSISSIPPI STATE - I feel like Mike Leach deserves at least a share of a national title based on his random (not-at-all rehearsed) post-game musings. Last week, the topic was candy corns (again) and gummy bears, and the results were bliss. If Saban had Leach’s personality, he’d be canonized by now.

LSU - OK, Mike Tomlin isn’t coming to Baton Rouge; he emphatically made sure we all knew that in true Mike Tomlin fashion, which calls for no eyelid movement during a 60-second sound bit classic, which is, needless to say, hard.

SOUTH CAROLINA - The Gamecocks have been excellent at beating everyone and no one you’d expect. To that end, the coaches are hitting the ‘cruiting trail this week during the bye to correct the latter.

MISSOURI - A week after relinquishing the title, our beloved Tigers have reclaimed the throne of having the best overall special teams in all the land. The Thiccer and his minions have traversed the challenging season with grace and steadfastness, and they should have a field day with Vandy, who has no Thiccer of its own nor anything that resembles any special teams-ish prowess to boast.

VANDERBILT - Sorry, ‘Dores, what I thought might be your best shot at a conference win this season was never a reality last week. The odds might sway in your favor this week, but those special teams better be kickin’ (puns, yes!) to keep up with the likes of Mizzou.