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Gamethread: Mizzou @ Vanderbilt

Aiming to get back to .500 Mizzou is visiting the Commodores. Follow here for live updates throughout the game

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Mizzou 37 - Vanderbilt 28


Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Even bad holds can’t stop Harrison Mevis. NFL teams might be wondering if he can leave school this off-season.
  • Mizzou needs to finish with a strong quarter so that there can be some sort of positive from this game.
  • Why does Drink continue to run option plays with running options for Bazelak? He looks like half the O-Line is more mobile than him.
  • Bazelak injury looks like he’s in serious pain.
  • Luke Griffin is now down, too. Following Cook’s season-ending injury, the Tigers are now looking very thin at OG.
  • Harrison Mevis is the best college kicker I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Penalties, penalties, penalties. This whole season has been a broken record.
  • With a backup QB, a third-string running back, and the second-worst defense in the SEC, the Vanderbilt Commodores are one stop away from having a chance to win the game against the Missouri Tigers.
  • Tyler Badie is ELITE.
  • Genuinely would want to see how much Macon would run for with teams selling out to stop Badie.
  • Martez Manuel is the one consistency on this defense.
  • Michael Cox is a big man.

Third Quarter Notes

  • Trajan Jeffcoat may have gotten away with roughing the passer on the 3rd and 13.
  • Bazelak’s arm just looks awful today apart from the hail mary.
  • For a game featuring the two worst defenses in the conference, this is a very low scoring game.
  • Tyler Badie is so good.
  • Back up two scores, Mizzou needs to actually step on Vandy’s neck. They can’t let them get back in it.
  • That Mike Wright run just felt like complete Deja Vu.
  • And just like that, they will not be stepping on anyone’s throat.
  • Vanderbilt has 243 rushing yards. Last week they had 9 rushing yards. There are 18 minutes left in this game.
  • Thank God for Tyler Badie. What would this team be without him?
  • Mizzou is shooting themselves in the foot with all these penalties. It seems like almost nothing changed after the bye week. Still can't fill gaps and still can’t stop holding.

Second Quarter Notes

  • The 16-point pregame spread is looking like a joke right about now.
  • Vanderbilt is winning. It seems like one thing goes wrong, and this team loses all interest. In this case, it was the interception.
  • Vanderbilt isn’t even throwing the ball, they ran every single play, and the defense had no answers.
  • Vanderbilt looks a lot faster than Mizzou defensively, and they’re almost as bad statistically. Seems like a part of it could be an effort thing.
  • Bazelak leaving that throw about 4 yards short is just unacceptable.
  • Vanderbilt can’t throw the ball, but right now, they don’t need to.
  • Blitzing on first and second down to force third and long passing situations seems to be the only option for this defense. They can’t stop the run any other way.
  • This offense is a complete trainwreck. Someone new should get a look under center in the second half.
  • Stopping that fake is big for momentum if they had gotten that, it could’ve spelled serious trouble for Mizzou.
  • OH MY GOODNESS! What a swing to end the half. Stopping the fake then converting the hail mary completely changes the whole way this game feels at the half.

First Quarter Notes

  • Albeit the game is against Vanderbilt, this first drive looks much more promising. Let’s see if they can finish with some points.
  • Bazelak’s mobility seems to get worse by the week
  • Harrison Mevis is good. 62 consecutive kicks made?!?!?!
  • Vandy may be bad enough to make this Mizzou defense look competent for four quarters.
  • Somebody get Badie a water. He has to be gassed after that drive. But what a player. Some NFL team is going to get very lucky on Day 3.
  • PI on Barrett looked like a bit of a bailout. Connor doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket at all.
  • Chad Bailey could be prosecuted for attempted murder after that hit on Mike Wright.
  • I couldn’t tell you what just happened on that blocked punt, but this is good to see some life from this team in all three phases.
  • Bazelak just can’t move. It’s actually some of the worst mobility I’ve seen.
  • Feels like Bazelak just doesn’t see the field at all right now. He’s throwing picks like these defenses are kids trick or treating.
  • Mizzou is about to mess around and let Vanderbilt get some confidence after being abe step on their throat in the first quarter. What else would you expect from this year’s team though?
  • I think there might need to be a discussion about a quarterback change. Bazelak is turning it over like crazy and his ball placement is atrocious right now.

Pregame Updates


TIME: 2:00 CT

DATE: Saturday, October 30, 2021

LOCATION: Vanderbilt Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee

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