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Bottoms Up! Goes to Homecoming

In person or through beverages

Tiger tailgate scene
Our favorite tippling Tiger is back!
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Finally today, Mizzou has a chance to wash away the lingering bad taste of last week’s debacle. I say a chance because, naturally, North Texas’ best player is a running back. Oh, well. Even after last week, Mizzou is a 19 point favorite, we should be drinking in celebratory manner today.

For my virtual homecoming, I will be drinking Tank 7, which is my go-to. I'm a big fan of saisons, and Tank 7 may be my favorite. Over the last couple of years, it’s become more difficult to obtain, so when I run low, I make a trip to Hop City to pick up a case of deliciousness and get the sweet case price discount.

A warning if you decide to join me in enjoying some since Boulevard moved from the 12 oz bottles to the pint cans for Tank 7, it’s made consuming multiple beers a dicey proposition at 8.5% ABV. I recommend spacing them out, alternating with water in between.

Josh chooses a “local” beer

My town is pretty beer rich, and I never have a lack of options. But it only feels appropriate to go with something “local” on HoCo weekend. I don’t know that I have any left, but a while back someone brought me a few Logboat Mamoots, which takes me right back to my CoMo days. It’s delicious, crushable and perfect for autumn. Plus it’s like 3% ABV, so catch me knocking a few back once Mizzou’s run defense inevitably let’s up a 50+ yard TD run!

Zwal93’s local beers are opponent appropriate

Well that sure could have gone better, huh? But hey, it’s homecoming week in Columbia and as the resident North Texan contributor to this, I suppose it’s my duty to plug a few of the best North Texas brews this weekend as UNT comes to town. The must have is Community’s Mosaic IPA, while Deep Ellum’s Easy Peasy or Manic Confidence are also good IPA options. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, a Great Hall Hefe from Pegasus City is your best option. For those of you who are adventurous beer enjoyers, the sour of the week from Martin House Brewing is always worth checking out, I especially enjoyed the Bubblegum Sour this summer. Happy Homecoming and Go Tigers!

kristina should totally bring a flask

So yay, no 11am start time! Then again, at this point do we care? Get that misery over with early on. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t see most of last week. See, the whole DVR thing only works if I don’t watch a single minute of the game, so that one was me, my apologies. So at start time, there’s a good chance I’ll still be at a three-year-old boy twins’ birthday party. First off, um, is it okay to drink at said event? Anyway, hopefully we’re back before halftime and Mizzou hasn’t totally screwed this one up by then, so I’ll probably sadly go with my typical wine / chill and finish off the game, because a farmer’s market and kiddo birthday party is quite enough of a day. Not like we have the Cardinals to watch anymore, guess let’s go Blues?

Karen goes with a seltzer

Will I go to to parade? Will I still be sleeping? That hasn’t been decided just yet. But I will be tailgating in Lot W? Yes, and I will be drinking Boulevard Quirk, which is a delicious hard seltzer that has real fruit juice and is just… really good and light and comes in a bunch of flavors.. And it’s not too heavy, which is important for tailgating. Then I will undoubtedly switch to Logboat Snapper during the game and all bets are off.

Join us in the comments and share what you’ll be drinking and eating today!