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SEC Power Rankings - Week 6

A&M serves up pie, Lane Kiffin needs this one bad, and Dan Mullen is on the brink

NCAA Football: Auburn at Texas A&M
Yeah, man, get after it, Aggie fans ... you got yourselves one of the best teams in the SEC. Surprised the hell outta me with that crap!

GEORGIA - The historically good defense faces perhaps its most intriguing task to date, but it won’t matter. The Bulldogs have that look of superiority that only ‘Bama has been able to pull off in recent memory.

ALABAMA - In past seasons, the Tide would’ve wood-shedded an LSU team like this. A cause for concern? Maybe. Let’s ask Coach O.

TEXAS A&M - I’ve been critical of the Aggies this season, but humble pie beckons. The defense is far better than I expected, and thanks to the tiebreaker, A&M is an Alabama loss away from capturing the West and blowing ripples through the playoff picture. But first, Ole Miss…

OLE MISS - Whatcha gonna get do, Lane?! You failed that test at Auburn two weeks ago abysmally. You do right by your team this week, and the rest of the season could be very, very interesting.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Auburn
If you’re gonna be a player in the SEC, Lane, you gotsta have this one against A&M...

AUBURN - The only team with a more murderous schedule in the league than Arkansas is Auburn. A welcomed byproduct of that is the opportunity to spoil your arch rival’s entire season in the Iron Bowl.

ARKANSAS - The Piglets have my respect. The schedule has taken its toll, but here they are, ranked 25th in the freshest edition of the CFB Playoff Rankings. The Respect-O-Meter will be ratcheted up a notch if they can retain a national ranking come the end of the schedule, which still lists LSU and Alabama.

TENNESSEE - Statistically, the Tennessee offense is on the field less than any other unit in the country, but the production is second-to-none. The returns on Josh Heupel’s offensive philosophy have been favorable thus far, but empty possessions this weekend against Georgia will have the Vols in a three-score hole before anyone in Neyland can blink.

MISSISSIPPI STATE - The Bulldogs exited the polls as quickly they entered, but all is not lost. This is how life works in the SEC West. Another week, another ranked opponent (Auburn).

KENTUCKY - The descent from potential Top-10, New Year’s Six dark-horse to the third - or fourth-best team in the East has been harsh to witness.

LSU - The Tigers’ inspired performance at Alabama no doubt played a role in the impressive viewing audience, but it also gives credence to what can happen when a roster full of blue-chip recruits — 48 four - and five-stars over the last three last classes, to be exact — plays to its potential when backs are against the wall.

SOUTH CAROLINA - Florida is moribund at the moment, yes, but last week’s dominant win was still unexpected enough to inspire some impressively strong trolling.

FLORIDA - Yep, the Gators were definitely thinking ahead to Samford. Dan Mullen is potentially a loss away from being unemployed.

MISSOURI - The Tigers had the lead for nearly two minutes at Georgia last weekend before common sense took over. That’s two more minutes than they had the lead against Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas A&M combined.

VANDERBILT - An alternative all-black uni combo was revealed this week for the game against Kentucky. Yo, look good, play (eh, well, good-ish)...