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Bottoms Up! The Fried Gator Edition

Hoping Florida is hungover after their big win over Samford

Tiger tailgate scene
The perfect chaser for some gator?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We are back after an unscheduled bye week. ArtGirl’s wedding couldn’t have gone better. The venue, the ceremony, the food, the cake, the DJ and dancing, the friends and family gathered to celebrate - all wonderful. It was, however, exhausting. It took most of the week to get back to feeling normal. Putting together a post didn’t cross my mind. Oh, well.

In some ways, the wedding celebration will continue this weekend, because I have so much leftover alcohol. The guests hit the liquor the hardest, with only a little bourbon and no vodka left, but there’s plenty of gin and Jameson in my liquor cabinet now. AlaWife and I have been enjoying wedding wine most evenings after work, and there’s still plenty left. But what I have most of is beer, and football, generally speaking, calls for beer. When added to the beer I had on hand, I’m swimming in it.

Today’s choice will be from the “other beers on hand” category. I’m flashing back to Boston College game, when I was watching the game at the New Belgium brewery in Asheville. As I did then, I will be having the Trippel. While I haven’t found it locally, I did bring a mixed case of it and the Honey Tripel home with me. It’s a delightful beer, but requires pacing.

kristina sips bourbon while mocking seltzers

Fried gator - tastes like tough chicken, right? So I do love this game time, mid-afternoon before we have an evening trivia night. That being said, I obviously can’t go too crazy but have to enjoy the game, right? After Friday’s links discussion, I could sip on some Two Stars bourbon, it’s pretty tasty / smooth. I did find the name amusing given all the rating systems out there, but it’s actually named after the municipal flag of Louisville, so fair enough. Our garage fridge is partially filled with a bunch of random seltzers from my friend’s wedding last weekend, but sadly, after a taste-test, most of them aren’t that good. I think the seltzer market needs to calm down for a second and put out something decent. Carbonated robitussin just doesn’t work well.

Join us in the comments and let us know what you’ll be drinking and eating today!