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Bottoms Up! The Black Friday Edition

Thanksgiving was fun. Will the Tigers make Black Friday fun too?

Tiger tailgate scene
Hopefully, our Tigers took a more mellow approach yesterday than this little guy
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a blast. The newlyweds invited us over for the holiday along with an in-town couple who are good friends of theirs and a lot of fun. Spread out over the course of the day we had mimosas, a Bourgogne, a pinot gris, a good Champagne, a Cotes de Beaune, a, “dirty and rowdy” Zinfadel, and more. The wines came from a six-pack we picked up at our favorite local wine store, which not only gave us wonderful selections for Thanksgiving, but helped feed the food insecure. Collectively, sales of these six-packs fed 800 people yesterday.

For food, we had some new-to-us appetizers to snack on throughout the day. Roast beef crostini (recipe from a friend of the newlyweds) was delicious. Pumpkin dip and caramel Heath bar dip (recipes courtesy of my son-in-law’s Aunt Christy) were delightful with apple slices or graham crackers. The meal itself consisted of turkey, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans and more, with pumpkin and pecan pies for dessert.

After the meal, we spent the evening outside around the fire pit, before rain chased us inside. The evening finished sipping on a snifter of cognac.

After all of that, my game time beverage today may be Diet Coke. AlaWife and ArtGirl will be shopping this morning, but should finish up by lunchtime. We will probably get back home after the game has started, but with enough margin to catch up to real time. At most, I may have one beer, maybe a New Belgium Mountain Lager.

kristina opts for leftovers

So again, love the game time on this one. Mid-afternoon works for me, as hopefully what is a less than normal workday paired with an evening cornhole league, so I can pre-game that a little and watch our Tigers. Nothing crazy, sadly will probably default to my regular boring wine, as we have some leftover from turkey day. Combination of a “regular under-the-weather (non-’rona)” spouse and a long day, so came home with some extra. However, for a discussion, my two brothers-in-law were debating whether to start with the really good bourbon or save that for later. (Weller versus Maker’s Mark.) Then again, we had to leave, and they also had spiked egg nog, so who knows how that ended up going.

Karen is in a Black Friday Hellscape

And as such, will only be consuming coffee if the Starbucks line ever goes down and massive amounts of water as she pushes through crowds to finish pick up orders on time. After work, and before the Mizzou - Wichita State game, she will probably have some Snapper. But really, any and all alcohol will do. Go Tigers.

Join us in the comments and share what you are planning to drink and eat for the game today!