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Pourover: What you’re doing isn’t working

For both Football and Men’s Basketball they’re getting the same results without making changes.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most overused clichés of all time has to be the definition of insanity, which is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. As overused as it may be, it felt like we were all going insane yesterday watching the same performance from both Football and Men’s Basketball teams.

I tried to tweet through some of it. But as we, expectedly, watched Connor Bazelak struggle in the passing game (just 65 total yards through the air with a whopping 2.5 yards per attempt) while simultaneously watching Tyler Badie move beyond legendary status, frustration mounted. Then in a cruel twist of fate, Mizzou Basketball hosted Wichita State for a wrestling match at Mizzou Arena.

The Tigers offensive approach is perplexing. For both sports, but I’ll cover more on the Men’s Hoops side with Study Hall.

The Mizzou offense is blessed this season to have a player who has shown to be a durable, versatile, and still awesome, as Tyler Badie. And I really don’t understand how you can have a player like Badie, and give him no help. Bazelak was no threat yesterday. He ran three times for 8 yards, threw 26 times for just 10 completions. And handed off to Badie 41 times for 219 yards. How Badie was able to average over 5 yards a carry when there is very much nothing else the Missouri offense was able to accomplish is a miracle.

That we only seem willing to play this way is equally frustrating. While the defense has resurged to the point where we’re no longer questioning if Steve Wilks will come back or not, and Badie has produced arguably the best rushing season in Missouri Football history, the Quarterback play just continues to deteriorate. And without any kind of threat from the QB, it only makes the job of the defense and for Badie more difficult.

We aren’t at practice, and we don’t see the reps. But what you’re doing now isn’t working, and it certainly isn’t helping Bazelak also. I really hope Connor knows better than to go on Twitter and search his name because it’s ain’t great. Also you probably want to steer clear of any comment sections, message boards, and maybe even the general public for a while.

I don’t know if Tyler Macon or Brady Cook are better or worse, but they are different. And when you are getting consistently poor play... why not try something different?

Early in the season with the defense falling into shambles, Drinkwitz sent a message — albeit a weird one — to the team. He scrapped the depth chart and set everyone back to zero. It might’ve been theater, but they did start experimenting more with Chad Bailey at Linebacker, different Cornerbacks got some looks, and he fired the defensive line coach.

He changed... something. Results weren’t immediate, but the defense got sort of fixed. They still aren’t perfect, but we’re not asking for perfection. Merely progress.

So how do you explain not working in more packages for Cook and/or Macon?

What you’re doing isn’t working. And when what you’re doing isn’t working you should try something different to see if that works. If you’re typing on your computer and the spacebar stops working, you don’t just keep pressing the space bar expecting it to work. Doing that means you’ll just have illegible text on the page. That’s what Mizzou Football has with its quarterback position right now. A broken space bar and illegible text.

They’re going bowling, so that means extra practices, and another game to look at and figure out what the future means. Hopefully they can find a way to fix the space bar.

Stats from Statbroadcast:

statbroadcast arkansas 2021
statbroadcast arkansas 2021

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