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It’s officially bowling season, y’all!

Mizzou Links for December 20, 2021.

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Remember what it feels like to play postseason football? Neither do I!

Luckily, we’ll all recall son enough. Missouri heads to Texas to face off against the Army Black Knights on Wednesday, a game that is sure to frustrate legions of Tiger fans despite all the good press (‘crootin!) leading up to the game itself.

If MU wants to prove it’s a changed team, that all its trials and tribulations have led to a winning record at the end of it all, Army is the last hurdle the Tigers need to clear.

“We’ve struggled with the run in the past,” MU defensive lineman Darius Robinson said last Sunday. “Now, we’ve definitely picked up in the run game. I definitely feel like it’ll be a good challenge for everybody.”

Off the field, it feels like we’re shifting into offseason mode, mostly due to the stories we’re seeing and the lack of actual football being discussed. Defensive lineman Cannon York spoke with the Post-Dispatch staff about some time he took away from football this season to address his mental health struggles.

“Cannon York was somebody who always was above and beyond what we asked guys to do. That gave him pride in who he was,” [Director of Athletic Performance Zac] Woodfin said. “To go from a walk-on to a scholarship player that has to be a part of your DNA. I just challenged him to slowly get back to who you’ve always been. I would just remind him, ‘Hey, let’s stay a little bit late after this lift. Let’s do a little bit more.’ Just trying to hold him accountable and hold him to a consistent standard. Before long, the confidence was back and he was having fun again.”

During Sunday’s Zoom session, Trajan Jeffcoat was made available. Of course, he was asked about his recent announcement that he’ll be returning to school for what will likely be one final year as a Tiger.

And while one defensive end spoke highly of the Tigers, another was on the ‘crootin trail trying to convince other talented players to commit to the program.

In case you don’t remember, M’Pemba is a 5-star recruit in 2023 who is being pursued by Mizzou and just about every other program in the country. Good on DJ Wesolak for carrying on the tradition of getting involved in the game.

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  • Congrats to Mizzou Women’s Basketball’s LaDazhia Williams on graduating yesterday! Williams and the Tigers are in action tonight at 7 p.m. against Southern. Our very own Lauren Rosenberg will be there breaking down the action for the site, so keep your eyes peeled.
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