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Bowl Gamethread: Missouri vs Army

With the chance to secure a winning season, Mizzou will take on a tough Army team. Stay tuned here for live updates

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NCAA Football: North Texas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou 21 - Army 22


Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Mizzou has literally had the ball for like 3 minutes this half.
  • Army is just daring Mizzou to stop them.
  • Buchanan looks like he’s never been tackled on first contact.
  • Well, Army really just duped Mizzou with that pass.
  • If Mizzou could just Army there way down the field that would really stick it to Army
  • You feel for Downing with that fumble. You know how much that hurt him.
  • I mean Army’s special teams has been phenomenal tonight.
  • Well that Mizzou drive was anti climactic. You’ve got to run the ball a little more. There were still 5 minutes left.
  • This defense has played phenomenal. The fact that Mizzou is getting two chances to win this game is crazy.
  • What a drive from Brady Cook and Barrett Banister. The two point miss wasn’t good, but wow, that was picture perfect.
  • Seeing Army in shotgun looks wrong.
  • What is happening? Should Army run more shotgun???
  • Welp. That just kinda sucked.

Third Quarter Notes

  • Getting a stop out of halftime could be just the thing Mizzou needs to step on Army’s throat
  • This Army QB actually has a pretty good arm. Passing it more might be the recipe for them to open up their run game.
  • Seeing Army drive down the field getting 4 yards a play might be scarier than an explosive offense because you know what they’re going to do, and they till kill you.
  • I don’t know what’s more automatic, Army on 4th and 1 or Harrison Mevis.
  • That drive needs an answer from Mizzou. Not a field goal, a touchdown is needed.
  • I don’t like that call to bounce it outside when you need a foot.
  • A stop is needed for Mizzou.
  • Army is winning this game with 4th down battle by a landslide.

Second Quarter Notes

  • Well, that possession didn’t go as well as the first. This defense is and looks very beat up.
  • If none of the players who went down (Green, Carlies, Robinson) can get back, Mizzou will probably struggle to stop the outside runs.
  • Brady. Cook’s. Legs.
  • Tauskie Dove running backwards is just something that can’t happen.
  • Mizzou has to finish drives. They can’t let Army march this down the field, take the lead, then get the ball back at half.
  • Blaze Alldredge! What a stop.
  • A score before halftime would be huge here.
  • That punt from Army was the definition of executing special teams.
  • I love seeing JJ Hester get involved in the offense. I think he has so much upside. Am I biased cause we were friends in high school? Maybe.
  • Love the flee flicker from Drink.
  • Brady Cook just looks gritty when he runs the ball.
  • Harrison Mevis so damn good.

First Quarter Notes

  • Would love for this to be the Dawson Downing game. Would be a great way to send him off for all the years he’s given to the program.
  • This early run blocking looks great. If Mizzou can establish a strong run game, that will make Brady Cook’s life much easier.
  • Brady Cook looks like a burst of energy to this offense. They may have missed their deep shot, but they took it and it wasn’t underthrown, and that was the smoothest offensive possession I can remember since early this season.
  • A stop on the first Army drive would be a huge momentum swing for Mizzou.
  • Jaylon Carlies going down is a recipe for disaster for the Tigers. The safety depth is already thin, this makes it even worse.
  • What a huge stop. If you can get up 2 scores on Army early, that’s invaluable. It’s time to pounce.
  • Isiaiah McGuire is slowly becoming my favorite defensive player on this team. That man can play some damn football.
  • The Brady Cook Mizzou offense looks infinitely better than the Connor Bazelak one.
  • Getting to the 1 and not getting 6 hurts, but being up two scores on Army is always a place you want to be.
  • Shawn Robinson going down means Mizzou literally has Jalani Williams left of Safeties who have played a decent amount this year.
  • Devin Nicholson at CB?!?!?!
  • Can Isaiah McGuire play DB because right now I’d believe he can do anything.

Pregame Updates


TIME: 7:00 CT

DATE: Wednesday, December 22, 2021

LOCATION: Amon G Carter Stadium, Ft. Worth, Texas

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