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Merry Christmas, Rock M Nation folks!

From me and mine, to you and yours!

It’s officially December 25th in the year 2021. Christmas 2021. So I’d like to start by saying Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this here site, and to all those who are important to you. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, well Happy Holidays and I hope you enjoyed your federally mandated holiday yesterday.

If you follow me on twitter you’d know that I had to cancel family Christmas plans because my mom got sick. Perhaps “postpone” should be a better term here, but still it’s Christmas and we’re not together like most years. But a lot like last year.

On March 12th, the SEC shut down the SEC tournament. Since then, COVID-19 and its variants have wreaked havoc on this country, and around the world. Thankfully, my mom tested negative for COVID; it looks like she either caught the flu or some kind of serious cold. Either way it looks like she’ll be fine. But there’s been a lot of holding of our breath the last few days.

The NBA has been wrecked by the safety protocols in place, College Football was able to play the entire season without missing any games until Bowl season hit. And now after having to postpone our plans, the number of friends and extended family we heard from who had to do the same was WAY more than I expected.

For the record, we’re all vaccinated and boosted. Everyone outside of my mother is feeling fine. My family is not who you should be worried about, or if you’re the praying type, sending prayers towards. Any fever my mom had has broken, and we think we’re in the clear. Or as much in the clear as anyone can be these days.

So my one Christmas wish today is for you, and your family to stay safe, healthy, and COVID negative. At its worst, COVID is deadly. At its best, it’s a messy nuisance. The holidays are a time of gathering, and with Omicron out there and seemingly more passable but less deadly... let’s all do our best to avoid infection and stay safe.

There are no Missouri sports until the 29th when Mizzou Basketball travels to Lexington to take on the Kentucky Wildcats. The women take on South Carolina the following night, diving right into the thick of it. In the meantime, we wait for commitments and portal news. There aren’t even any College Football games today.

College Games:


  • 12:30pm — Wyoming vs South Florida
  • 5:30pm — Liberty vs BYU
  • 7:30pm — Stanford vs Vanderbilt


  • 1:30 — Georgia State vs Ball State


  • NFL — Browns vs Packers @ 3:30
  • NFL — Colts vs Cardinals @7:15
  • NBA — Hawks vs Knicks @ 11:00
  • NBA — Celtics vs Bucks @ 1:30
  • NBA — Warriors vs Suns @ 4:00
  • NBA — Nets vs Lakers @ 7:00
  • NBA — Mavericks vs Jazz @ 9:30

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.