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It’s the last week of 2021! Let’s reminisce!

Mizzou Links for December 27, 2021.

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What were your favorite Mizzou memories of 2021?

We’re winding into the home stretch of 2021 and what a year it has been [he said for what feels like the 10th consecutive year.] Current events notwithstanding there certainly were a lot of sports in 2021, and Mizzou had a very Mizzou-y type year across the board... how could they not?

This week is going to be pretty slow as college athletics continue to exist in this stasis period, so we’re going to be doing a lot of reflecting during the coming week. While you wait for those pieces to drop, feel free to look over this schedule of the next week’s events and plan your calendar accordingly.

  • Monday: Nothing
  • Tuesday: Still nothing!
  • Wednesday: Mizzou Men’s Basketball at Kentucky
  • Thursday: Mizzou Women’s Basketball vs. South Carolina (!)
  • Friday: Nothing again!
  • Saturday: Mizzou Wrestling at the Southern Scuffle in Chattanooga, Tn.
  • Sunday: Mizzou Wrestling at the Southern Scuffle in Chattanooga, Tn.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • This wasn’t yesterday, but this Christmas Day tweet did give me some pause.

A lot of my follows listed the 2013 football team, which I think is a good choice. I think the 2011-2012 men’s basketball team and 2007 football team are also strong answers with built-in arguments. What say you?