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Mizzou Hoops opens NET rankings as lowest-ranked high major team in college basketball

Mizzou Links for December 7, 2021.

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NET Rankings? What are those? Never heard of ‘em

It is once again game day for the Missouri Tigers basketball team, a statement that kind of reads/sounds like I’m being forced to write/speak it at gun point. I promise I’m not. But game days in 2021 do harbor an odd sort of dread, don’t they?

It’s no secret to anyone here that Missouri is capital-B bad without much prospect for hope in the near future. Tuesday’s game against Eastern Illinois represents the last game they’ll play against a non-KenPom top 100 opponent until March, when they’re set to face South Carolina and Georgia in the same week. Right now, KenPom has them projected to lose every single game until that March 5 date against Georgia.

Things are bleak, and there’s only so much you can say before you start to get repetitive.

Speaking of repetitive, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dave Matter (undoubtedly scouring his mind to think of new ways to write about this team) examined the issue of first half defense in his Mizzou Hoops piece on Monday.

In the Tigers’ four losses, they have more turnovers (40) than field goals (32) in the first half, while shooting just 32% from the field (32 of 100) and 11.1% from 3-point range (3 of 27). No matter how much grit and toughness the Tigers display on defense, there’s no way to overcome that kind of dysfunction on the offensive end.

Those are all incredibly alarming statistics. But do you want to see one that’s even more alarming? You don’t? Then skip to the comments, because here it is.

There’s, uh, not much in the way of sugarcoating that one. Missouri is literally more than 100 points below UMKC and not even within 20 spots of the next lowest high major team. And while the NET rankings aren’t quite as measured and nuanced as analytics systems like KenPom, the thought of being the worst major conference team doesn’t sound good in any form.

That was pretty tough. Do you need some good news to wash it down?

There. That’s better. Robin Pingeton’s Tigers are surging in their non-conference schedule and seem set to make a little noise in the SEC this season. It’s been a bleak few years since Sophie Cunningham left the program, but it appears that Pingeton may have put things on the right track once more.

Yesterday at Rock M

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