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Where would you rank Mizzou Hoops in the AP poll?

Mizzou Links for Monday, Feb 1

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Mizzou — Top 25 or Not 25? (I’m so sorry)

Mizzou’s about halfway through SEC basketball play, and they’ve earned a thorny distinction amongst mad online basketball guys — the Top 25 team that shouldn’t be.

If you paid any attention to the Rock M Twitterverse yesterday (if you don’t have Twitter, hey good for you!), you’ll notice that our mentions were full of hot air from at least one guy who insisted Missouri isn’t a Top 25 team because of the underlying numbers that generally have Missouri in the 30s. And while that is true — the advanced numbers do worry a little bit when it comes to the Tigers — Missouri still has one of the best resumes in the country with a legitimate shot at winning the SEC. And as we roll into another week, which always means new polls to get mad about, let’s see where some of the big basketball names around the country are spotting Missouri.

Jeff Goodman still has Mizzou within his top 15, just ahead of Tennessee for the second spot in the SEC.

Meanwhile, Seth Davis rates Mizzou a little lower (though not by much), but still ahead of Illinois.

247, which projects the AP poll every week, has Missouri slotting in at No. 14, a slight fall from last week. The site still believes, however, that the Tigers are one of the SEC’s best.

The Tigers were thisclose to an 0-2 week, but were able to erase a double-digit deficit late against TCU in a 102-98 overtime victory. Missouri started the week falling to Sharife Cooper and Auburn, but Missouri continues to look like one of the SEC’s best teams.

We’re due to get a new Associated Press poll later today, so we’ll see where the rest of the voters stand on Mizzou’s ranking relative to what the underlying numbers say.

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