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You want super cool vintage Mizzou gear, and Homefield has super cool vintage Mizzou gear.

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homefield apparel feb

If you recall all the way back in November, and last month also, your favorite Mizzou Sports blog Rock M Nation joined forces with Homefield Apparel to bring you DEALS DEALS DEALS. Homefield is a college sports apparel company based in Indianapolis who license really terrific vintage looks and pump out high quality t-shirts and more. I’m the proud owner of three dope looks. *cue “I’m not just a spokesman, I’m also a customer!”

You should follow them on Twitter (if you have a twitter account) because it’s a really fun account, and even if you are looking for MORE than just Mizzou gear, the entire collection they have is pretty great. Including the recent UC-Irvine release, complete with a surfing anteater. Now for this month’s deal...

Support your Mizzou Tigers in the Rally for Rhyan game against the Arkansas Razorbacks with Homefield’s Vintage Mizzou collection. With designs like the one displayed above (and below), you’ll not only be the best dressed but may be the reason why the Tigers take home the win - because we all know: Homefield Magic is a very real thing.

What’s even better is that because you’re a Rock M Nation reader, you get 10% off on your today and tomorrow (02/12-02/13) when you put in code ROCKMN10 at checkout.


homefield apparel feb