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Rally For Rhyan Pledge Drive, Time to settle up!

If you signed up to pledge, here’s the what and how!

Rally For Rhyan was a success at Mizzou Arena yesterday. Mizzou dropped their first game in the series, but played well down the stretch in forcing overtime. They nearly clipped the Arkansas Razorbacks despite missing Jeremiah Tilmon. You can read the Study Hall here.

But despite not being able to have a full house, Mizzou still raised some good money.

Our pledge drive was less successful than the game day at Mizzou Arena, but any money collected is better than not, right?

If you participated, thank you. Here’s the factors on what your pledge amounted to:

  • Flat donation times an escalator — Pick a minimum dollar amount, then multiply it by our escalator. The escalator against Arkansas is going to be Total Made Shots (Field Goals + Free Throws) * True Shooting Percentage

Made FG = 27

Made FT = 14

True Shooting% = 57.7%

So (FGM+FTM)*TS% as the escalator means your escalator is 23.657.

  • We’ve added a Prop Bets Pledge as well: $3 per made 3, $5 per charge taken, $2 per blocked shot, $2.50 per steal, $15 for the win + $1 per point differential.

$3 per made 3 — 13 made 3’s = $39

$5 per charge taken — 2 charges taken = $10

$2 per blocked shot — 3 shots blocked = $6

$2.50 per steal — 6 steals = $15

$15 for the win + $1 per point differential = :(

How do I pay up?

I was planning on collecting for RockMNation (feel free to still send money through the donation button located on the first Rally For Rhyan post — I’ll make sure it gets to R4R). But with the limited response to the pledge drive, it might be easier for you to use the Donate through the R4R website:

Either way we’ll make sure the money gets where it was going.

I don’t have a way to ensure all donations are followed through, but considering this is for pediatric cancer might just be welcoming some kind of plague on your home if you welch. I would advise against it. The good news is I have already received a few donations not on our Google Sheet. So if you want to still donate, please do!