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It’s Badie or Bust in 2021

Will Tyler Badie ever get more than just a secondary/third down back role?

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Rock M Nation have a soft spot for Tyler Badie. You’ve probably heard from not just me, but BK and Nate as well, about how under-utilized he was at times in 2020. Last year, you could argue it kind of made sense. A new offense, coupled with an All SEC caliber running back in Larry Rountree III just meant that in some games, he was susceptible to being the guy getting the short end in the touches department. Nothing wrong with that.

In 2021 though, it’s time for Tyler Badie to become the bell cow.

At 5’9 and 200lbs, Badie is no small fry. He’s more than big enough to carry a full load of carries. In 245 carries at Mizzou, he’s averaging 4.6 yards per carry. He’s shown the vision to run inside of the tackles, and if you can get him on the edge....

Good luck.

When the ball was put into Tyler Badie’s hands, good things usually happened. It wasn’t just in the running game though. He was one of the most effective pass catchers on the roster in 2020, even with his limited usage. He finished fifth on the team in receptions with 28, which may sound like a minimal impact, but when you take into account that the team lead in receptions was 35, it makes a little more sense. He was third on the team in reception yards with 333, but again.. the leader only finished with 458. He was extremely effective with the touches that he got.

Here’s some of what he can do in the receiving game out of the backfield:

Aside from the fact that he’s explosive in both the run and the pass games, I think one of his best attributes was meeting the moment and providing a spark to the team when it needed it the most. If you recall, in Missouri’s two biggest wins of 2020, (LSU and Arkansas) Tyler Badie who scored two touchdowns in both of those games. Contributes to winning. Check.

All in all, Badie has been nothing short of excellent in his time at Mizzou. He’s exceeded all reasonable expectations coming out of high school. He’s got a proven track record of being not just a touchdown maker, but someone who can add different dimensions to an offense and is in the mold of more modern running backs. Additionally, I don’t want to be dismissive — there is a decent amount of talent in that running back room — but I don’t know that any of those guys are what Tyler Badie can be right now.

If you ask me, for the Missouri offense to get to the heights it wants to, Tyler Badie is going to have to be a feature piece of that.

It’s time to go all in on Badie.

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