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1... 2... Mizzou’s Comin for You

Mizzou News for Friday, March 12

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Never any doubt, amiright? NEVER. A. DOUBT.

If you’ve been to a game at Mizzou Arena this year, they play a version of this song when the game gets super exciting. Here’s my version:

1... 2... Mizzou’s comin for you

3... 4... X & Dru will surely score

5...6... Kobe has got the fix

7...8...9 Arky will have to face us with Tilly this time

10.... Mizzou wins. The end.

(Yes, I realize this is not how the song goes, but I wanted to use the unintentional rhyme my dad came up with)

Moving on!

According to Mizzou historian Tom Orf (MU4124 on twitter), X & Dru both had 16+ points & 3 steals. The last Tigers to do that in same game? It’s a small list: 2/23/13 v. Kentucky Phil Pressey(27/4) & Alex Oriahki(16/3), and 2/2/13 Earnest Ross(23/3) & Keion Bell(23/4).

To the highlights! (And a recap from

With the win, Mizzou advances to their first SEC Tourney quarterfinal since... (checks date)... March 14, 2014. Damn.

Here’s the scores from the SEC Tournament’s Second Round:

Missouri 73, Georgia 70

Mississippi State 74, Kentucky 73

Florida 69, Vanderbilt 63

Ole Miss 76, South Carolina 59

Tomorrow’s Quarterfinal Schedule:

Alabama vs. Mississippi State, 11am

Tennessee vs. Florida, 1pm

Missouri vs. Arkansas, 6pm

LSU vs. Ole Miss, 8pm

On to the LINKS!!! Big REMATCH coming tomorrow, Tiger fans!

Yesterday at Rock M

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