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Mizzou Hoops has a lot of questions to answer this offseason

Mizzou Links for Monday, March 22

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Basketball is over? Basketball is over :(

It’s the first Monday without Missouri basketball in several months, and it’s only slightly better now that we know Illinois didn’t do all that much better.

As teams began booking their tickets to the Sweet 16 on Sunday evening, Missouri and its fans were left reflecting on the 72-68 loss to Oklahoma that sent the Tigers packing in another first-round NCAA exit.

For the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Dave Matter recapped some of the game’s biggest moments from the lens of the offseason ahead. He spent considerable time discussing Xavier Pinson, who rode the bench for most of the second half and wasn’t shy about his feelings afterward.

Pinson wasn’t available for comment after the game, but, in what’s become an offseason tradition for the point guard, he went to Instagram to post a cryptic message: “100% physically healthy but 100% mentally hurt . . .” followed by a broken heart emoji. As always with Pinson, interpret at your own risk.

His colleague, Benjamin Hochman, echoed many a Missouri fan when he muttered, “same ol’ Mizzou,” in his opening lines. He did, however, ultimately determine that the season was a nice surprise from the start.

And so, it’s over. Mizzou lost seven of its final 10 games of the season. The Tigers have dropped their past six NCAA Tournament contests.

Now, it was a positive season, to be sure. The 16-10 Tigers had a winning percentage of .615, their best since 2013-14. And while making the tournament is the goal every season, and entering this season, it didn’t seem like this Mizzou team was a “tournament team.”

I’m not exactly sure about that note on our preseason expectations (many people, after all, expected Missouri to be at least good enough to make the tournament), but the first few months of the season would certainly qualify as a pleasant surprise.

Finally, over at PowerMizzou, Mitchell Forde filed his gamer with some final thoughts from Cuonzo Martin on his seniors.

“They did a great job of getting us back where we need to be as a program,” he said. “We’ll continue to make progress as a program. So they did that. They stayed the course. Again, this year had a lot of things take place in it, on and off the court. And I thought our guys did an admirable job of being professional, taking it as it comes, not complaining, not making excuses. So I’m really proud of those guys, they really matured, great senior group and just I think, simply said, they were professionals from start to finish.”

We’ll have plenty of season-in-review stuff coming over the next few weeks here at Rock M. Then we head into an offseason of unknowns — perhaps more than any so far in Cuonzo Martin’s tenure.

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