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Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge Update

Now that the first two rounds have passed, let’s see how everyone is doing in the bracket

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Loyola-Chicago at Illinois Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, basketball fans! This NCAA Tournament has been filled with even more madness than usual, and I am enjoying the crap out of it (except for the loss of Mizzou and a few other teams I’ve rooted for for years). But wow, it has been SOMETHING. It’s almost like this Covid-hampered season is unlike any other, and therefore, maybe we don’t know who’s really good or not, and anyone can be beaten on any given day (looking at you, Illini). There are a few teams that I watched and I’m ready to say are good. Zags? Really good. Michigan? Yes. Baylor? Yes (though I didn’t see them play). Alabama? Dammmmnnnnn. But then who else?

From a personal standpoint, once my bracket was completely blown up - which was pretty much right away - I just started to root for as many underdogs as possible. I ran my phone battery down at work cheering on Oral Roberts in their win over No. 2 Ohio State (sorry, EJ Liddell). In the second round, I think we ALL learned an important lesson: NEVER ROOT AGAINST SISTER JEAN. Ever. And my depression over Mizzou’s season being over rapidly subsided Monday night as the Cheatin’ Will Wades and kU lost. I actually had hope for the Illini and had them going to the championship game, but alas, another rival bit the dust, and I know many of you have an intense dislike of them.

So, the Sweet 16 is set for Saturday and Sunday, and I am sure it’s JUST the way we all predicted, right?

Conference-wise, here’s where we stand:

  • The PAC-12 is clearly the big winner here, as they have FOUR teams in the Sweet 16— USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Oregon State, and none are higher than a 6 seed (USC).
  • The Big 10 proved they were not very good, with the exception of Michigan.
  • The Big 12 has only one team standing, Baylor. Where you at, kansas?
  • The SEC has 2/6 of its teams remaining, and I hope one of them goes far (Alabama).
  • The Big East has two teams in contention, Creighton (I dislike their coach) & Nova (I love their coach).
  • The ACC has two teams remaining, Florida State (Go, Leonard Hamilton!) and Syracuse (never count em out, if history has taught us anything)
  • The WCC (obviously, Go Zags), Summit, Missouri Valley, and American all have one team in the Sweet 16. Love to see some mid-major love in here.

Moving on, let’s see how everyone is faring in the bracket challenge, shall we? Here’s the Top 10. Still a lot of ties right now, and hopefully we will see a bit of separation once we get into the weekend.

Who’s that in first? Y’all, that’s my own mother. Way to go, Mom! With the number of points you have remaining, though, I don’t expect you to remain up top (sorry). Deputy Manager Josh is looking good in second place right now... so proud of him, what a tremendous honor. Many on this list have a lot of points remaining, so this could get interesting— Big Jim 1146 (hey, that’s my dad), SHSC03, and Alex Wade all have over 1500 points remaining! If you want to check out the rest of the bracket, you can go to this link.

How’s the Rock M staff doing? Well, someone has got to hold down the tail end of the bracket, and in this case it is... Levi, our wonderful graphics guy. I was actually in last (with Levi) for quite a while, but the last couple wins Monday night helped me out.

Rock M Staff Standings

NAME Rock M Title Points thru Round 2 Points Remaining Current Place
NAME Rock M Title Points thru Round 2 Points Remaining Current Place
Nate Edwards Football Editor 370 1490 26
Brandon Kiley Lead Football Writer 340 900 63
Kortay Vincent Staff Writer 310 1230 105
Mitch Hill Podcast Producer 370 970 26
Aaron Dryden Football Writer 340 1460 63
Matthew J Harris Basketball Editor 350 1270 48
Sam Snelling Site Manager 330 1290 86
Josh Matejka Deputy Manager 430 1380 2
Levi Hutmacher Graphics 290 1090 118
Karen Steger Editor 310 1110 105
Sammy Stava Staff Writer 410 1290 4

So, how’d you do? I’ll be back next weekend with another update leading up to the Elite 8. I meant to do one after the first round, and then by the time I got to it, the Round of 32 had already started, so here we are.

Best of luck! Go.... Mid-Majors!