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PODCAST: RIP 2020-21 Mizzou Basketball

The Mizzou Basketball season is officially over, PLUS X enters his name in the portal

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Missouri at Oklahoma Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Dive Cuts, and let’s just dive right in. Mizzou’s season came to an end on Saturday with a loss to Oklahoma and a lot of talk has sparked from that. SO, let’s talk a little bit about the season since it is officially over.

Also, the main news topic at hand after yesterday’s news is Xavier Pinson has put his name in the transfer portal and Mizzou Twitter is fired up over all of it. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 3:54: The end of the season for Mizzou Basketball is here. The first weekend of the tournament is over and it was a different format. What did you think about it? It was a change, but not all bad for some!

3:55 - 31:40: ICYMI: Pinson is set to transfer, which if you have been paying attention isn’t all that surprising. Let's talk about how we got here and everything that seems to have happened up to this point. This is a HOT TOPIC #online and there are camps established: Pro Cuonzo Martin vs. Not-Pro Cuonzo Martin.

31:41 - 48:30: There was a game on Saturday and it was an NCAA Tournament game. Mizzou lost that game and it was kind of the same type of game we saw most of the season from Mizzou. You can read the Study Hall here, but let's talk a little but more about it and how the Dive Cuts crew digested it. Not unexpected but still disappointing.

48:31 - END: Wrap it all up here and in future episodes we will be looking ahead A LOT in the coming weeks, but this will be a fresh start for the roster under Cuonzo Martin. That brings a lot of questions, but it can still be exciting. Final thoughts before we get you out of here and feel free to weigh in across all Rock M articles and social platforms.

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