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Mizzou is a ‘Crootin!

Offers are going out, guys are trimming lists, and Missouri is a part of all of it.

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou is making Top 5 lists

There has been some good news recently on the recruiting front. If you’ve been keeping track, 4-star recruit Marquis Gracial not only trimmed his list, but he also announced a commitment date.

Missouri made the cut, but there are some solid options in that final five of his.

And, his commitment date:

This is a huge domino for this 2022 class. It feels repetitive, but Gracial is a huge tipping point at this point in the cycle. Find a way to land him, and you’re in a decent spot in state and can continue to try and sell the idea of this truly being a game changing group of guys who’s staying home.

He commits elsewhere, and suddenly Mizzou has only two of the top 15 guys in state, and most of the uncommitted prospects are trending the other direction.

Gracial isn’t the only guy who likes what Mizzou has to offer:

Deshawn Woods, a 4-star OG from Omaha, NE is an intriguing prospect. He’s supremely athletic, plays with nice pad level and uses his hands in a way that most high school kids just don’t. His top 5 includes a few SEC schools, but Missouri is right in the thick of things with Woods.

Guys to Keep an Eye On

This group of guys is really interesting. A group where Missouri is firmly in the mix, but they aren’t really a front runner.

Tyler Morris, another 4-star WR out of La Grange Park, IL is rumored to be interested in Missouri. Drinkwitz and staff were the first SEC school to offer him, and he seems to be following quite a few current Missouri players on twitter. He’s a talented guy, and a bonafide touchdown maker. Michigan seems to be the favorite, but with how they’ve used receivers in the past few years.... Something to keep an eye on.

Micah Riley, a 4-star TE out of Bellevue, NE is a big, physical freak of an athlete. Standing at 6’6 and 235 pounds, Riley is a very talented route runner, and runs like a deer. Don’t be fooled though, he’s a more than willing blocker as well. He’s got a little edge to his game. A bit of a swagger. I like it.

Riley has offers from Auburn, Miami, Ole Miss and Tennessee, in addition to many more. There’s no real knowledge of where he’s leaning, but it is helpful that he did take a visit to Missouri in February.

DJ Wesolak, a 4-star DE from just 30 minutes west in Boonville, MO is rapidly gaining momentum. He already had a long list of offers from schools that include Missouri, Notre Dame, Auburn, and Clemson but this week he picked up what is arguably the biggest offer a prospect can get.

When Nick Saban starts calling, that’s when you KNOW you’re certified.

That being said, Alabama is a bit late into the process. A lot of ground work has been laid down by other teams, so I don’t know how much they can affect his decision. Regardless, Wesolak is a listed as a Notre Dame lean, and I for one would be disappointed to see Notre Dame come into Missouri and take two of the top six prospects in Wesolak, and Tyson Ford.

Missouri’s not out, but time is ticking.

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