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Coaches unite with AEPi Rock-A-Thon to fight cancer

Eli Drinkwitz and Cuonzo Martin both lent their voices in support of a big fund raising day.

So, not much happened yesterday in the Mizzou-sphere. This will be a pretty abbreviated post because the second Moderna shot I got kinda kicked my butt a little, but the lede here is the the Missouri chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi raised $180,000 for the American Cancer society by rocking in chairs. No really!

They even got Eli Drinkwitz to swing by and make an appearance:

And Cuonzo Martin lent his voice of support as well:

Pretty cool.

Also Women’s soccer won the border war after Kansas scored the own goal (lol).

Congrats to the ladies on doing the smart thing, waiting for KU to implode.

Also, I touched on this yesterday but Daniel Oladapo apparently pulled his top two tweet, and Jake Lieberman got the update:

Weird. My general take is we’re only talking about Oladapo because he’s one of the few prospects linked to the Tigers. But reality is we have no idea how involved, if at all, the Tigers are. Maybe they called him up and talked him out of committing, maybe someone else did, maybe they haven’t talked to him in weeks. It’s all possible.

So we wait.

I also did not stay up late enough to find out what happened in the Logan Paul-Ben Askren boxing match which is loosely Mizzou related. Hopefully Askren kicked his ass but either way I hope both competitors had fun and got some exercise... and then Paul leaves the ring and I can forget his name and we never hear from him again... or have to resolve a society where he’s remotely famous.