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‘Crootin updates

A look at where Missouri stands in their recruiting process a little over a month before the dead period is over.

West Virginia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

There has been a lot going on in the world of Missouri recruiting recently. Some good, and some not so good. Let’s start with what should be some really good news for Mizzou fans and also college athletics as a whole.

It was recently announced that the NCAA will be lifting the mandatory, COVID-related dead period beginning on June 1st. To explain further, Missouri will now be able to host recruits on campus and get some face time with the boss man himself, Coach Drinkwitz. This is exciting news from a few different angles. Student athletes can now make more informed decisions about who and where they’re signing to, and coaches can get develop more meaningful relationships when not communicating strictly via Zoom.

From a Missouri football fan perspective, for a little over a year now, Eli Drinkwitz has already proven he can do some exciting things with the recruiting. He did all of it without the benefit of in person visits. One can’t help but wonder what Drinkwitz and his staff will be able do once they can actually get kids on campus to visit and physically hear the message they’re trying to sell.

All good news.

Let’s actually discuss a few, ya know, players.

Columbus to Columbia... Part Two?

Wednesday afternoon, this tweet came across the timeline. Naturally, this caught Mizzou Nation’s eye.

Jameson Williams, was a high 4-star recruit out of Cardinal Ritter in St. Louis. He chose Ohio State over Mizzou very similarly to now-Tiger, Mookie Cooper. Williams played sparingly last season just because the wide receiver room was so crowded with talent and is apparently looking for a fresh start.

Best believe, he’s not lacking in the talent department either. Here’s him torching the Clemson secondary in the National Semifinal last year:

I’m sure we can find a spot for him somewhere.

Trench Check

Recently, 4-star DE DJ Wesolak out of Boonville, MO trimmed his list down to a top 15.

Not great on first glance, but there is rumor that Wesolak will be on campus for a recruiting event during the summer. Still a long shot, but a player of his caliber is still worth recruiting especially with such a long way to go until Signing Day.

It also would seem Missouri is deep in the running for a 4-star OL out of Omaha, NE in Deshawn Woods. Here is a recent tweet that was retweeted by Deshawn.

Missouri has a few offers out to players in the Omaha area, and it’ll be interesting if they can get any traction in a city that produces some quality talent pretty regularly.

Other Activity to Watch

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