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Nick Bolton Drafted 58th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs

Yes, everyone who also visits can rejoice!

NCAA Football: Alabama at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We might be a little biased in these parts, but the Kansas City Chiefs got a steal in the second round. They drafted Nick Bolton, All-World All-Amazing Linebacker from the University of Missouri - Columbia, with the 26th pick in the second round, and 58th overall in this year’s NFL Draft.

Obviously, a super cool story that Bolton gets to play his professional football just down I-70 and for a LARGE portion of crossover fans.

We had our own opinions last night as the draft wore on without his name being called:

For more in depth coverage, you can head over to, and express your glee. You can read Arrowhead Pride’s write up here.


Super cool. Congrats, Nick. Couldn’t be happier for a more well deserving young man.